Real Time Mobile Reviews from Retrevo



Earlier this year, gadget site Retrevo launched its Real Time Review feature to simplify the research process. Now, the company has added on a mobile component. See something you’re tempted to buy? Text or tweet it to Retrevo, and you’ll get a near-instant response with information on whether the product is a strong buy, a recommendation on a fair price to pay, and a range of prices for the product available online.

I’ve followed Retrevo for years and am amazed at how the company continues to grow. The quantitative analysis you get from Retrevo is a useful twist on information that other CE sites provide. I’d love to see a mashup of features from Retrevo and the Rojas/Block-backed gdgt site. And speaking of partnerships, a Retrevo exec does say there are some partner announcements on the way. In the meantime, the site seems to be doing quite well enough on its own. Retrevo is projecting six million uniques in December, which would double last year’s number... Click Here to read more.

November 23, 2009