Seven Reasons to Go to the Store on Black Friday
The forecast is for a cold and rainy day. You’re trying to decide if you should brave the elements and fight the crowds to get that killer deal on a new TV, laptop, Blu-ray player, or that other gadget you’ve had your eye on. This year there are some great online deals from places like amazon.com and newegg.com but at the same time there are some killer doorbuster deals from stores like Best But, Walmart, Sears and others that you probably won’t see the likes of online. Here are some in-store killer deals that might make it worth your while to rise and go forth to shop this Black Friday 2009.
How About a New TV?
We know a lot of consumers are looking for a new TV this year and many of them will be replacing their old CRT TV that’s starting to show its age. If you’re one of the lucky ones to get the doorbuster Sony BRAVIA 46” 1080p LCD TV for $798 at Walmart, you’d be getting yourself a good deal. If Plasma is more to your liking, Best Buy has a Panasonic Viera 50” 1080p Plasma TV for $999 or to help get you through those ice storm power outages, Target offers a good discount on a nice little battery-powered 7 inch Haier portable TV for $79.
Super Cheap Laptops
Best Buy will be offering a doorbuster Sony NW235 Dual Core Pentium with a 15 inch screen for $399 while Walmart has a super cheap eMachines eME627 AMD Athlon 64-based laptop with a 15 inch screen for $198 but you’ll have to get to Walmart early to get the eMachines since it’s only on sale between 5 AM and 11 AM.
GPS Deals
Yes, you may still want a dedicated GPS in your car instead of your smartphone. Unfortunately a lot of the GPS deals are on products that are starting to show their age and may in fact not be as good as the TomTom iPhone app. Walmart has the TomTom One XL 325 SE for a very low $89 and Target has a killer deal on the TomTom XL 340S which gets reasonably good reviews for a low $97.
You Could Always Stay Home
This year more than ever online gadget shopping is becoming more popular with better deals and free shipping. Check out the companion article to this that highlights some killer online Black Friday deals.
Retrevo's Real-Time Review and Resource Center to the Rescue
Retrevo.com uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and other state-or-the-art computer science technology to provide “real-time” analysis of consumer electronics products including Black Friday deals. You can quickly check out a deal that looks interesting and see if it’s a true deal or just a dud. Try it yourself at Retrevo’s Black Friday Real-Time Resource Center.
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