Best Buy Competitors
Gained Ground This Year
Don’t look now, Best Buy, there are two giants nipping at your heels. According to the latest Retrevo Pulse, Amazon and Walmart are both gaining on Best Buy in the race to be number one in the minds of consumers shopping for electronics.
Amazon Gains at Best Buy's
Expense in Shift from Last Year
The study by Retrevo indicates that consumers stuck with Best Buy when it came to buying electronics this holiday season. However, what should concern Best Buy is the fact that, year-to-year, consumers' perception of where to buy electronics shifted in Amazon’s favor. The study showed Amazon increased its mind share by 30% compared to last year (11% to 15%). Amazon's gain appears to have been at Best Buy's expense.
When you think about buying electronics, who comes to mind first?
Buyers Think Walmart Has the Best Prices
but Amazon is Closing
Best Buy also lost ground in the lowest price perception department. When we asked who had the best prices on electronics this holiday season, 42% of the respondents answered Walmart compared to 33% for Amazon and only 25% for Best Buy.

Who, among these resellers, did you think had the lowest prices on electronics this holiday season?

Amazon Clobbers Walmart in Selection Perception
Whether it’s that big wall of HDTVs or a store full of gadgets, Best Buy beat both Amazon and Walmart as the reseller with the best selection of electronics this season. Of the respondents, 44% said Best Buy had the best selection with Amazon coming in a close second with 41%. Meanwhile, Walmart came in a distant third with 15%.

Who, among these resellers, did you think had the best selection of electronics this holiday season?

Mighty Walmart Fights Back
While Best Buy may still be the leader in consumer electronics and Amazon close behind, Walmart made some gains this holiday season. Looking at where consumers said they bought electronics this holiday season, compared to the prior holiday season, Walmart grabbed 4 points of market share (actual products purchased) in both under $200 and over $200 electronics. In fact, Walmart was the only reseller in the study to gain market share in actual purchases.
Did you buy any consumer electronics under $200 at the following resellers? Did you buy any consumer electronics over $200 at the following resellers?
Perceptions Can Change Fast
The race among electronics resellers to be the first in the minds of consumers is heating up. Although Best Buy is still be the king of the hill for electronics, Amazon and Walmart are gaining ground. Best Buy has reason for concern because perceptions can change fast especially with two giants like Amazon and Walmart turning up the heat.
About Retrevo Pulse
The Retrevo Pulse provides data about what consumers are buying, and what they are going to buy. Retrevo.com, the consumer electronics shopping site, observes and analyzes user behavior of more than 5 Million users to discover interesting activities and trends. Some of Retrevo’s analysis is made available at no cost, through the CE Demand Index and the CE Price Index. Our Indexes include historical price trends and demand forecasts based on actual observed behavior.

Data for this report came from a survey of 1019 randomly selected Retrevo users and was run from Dec 26, 2009 through Jan 4, 2010. The sample was distributed across gender, age, income and location in the United States. Most questions had a confidence interval of 4% at a 95% confidence level.

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Jennifer Jacobson
Director of Public Relations

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