Hidden Gems at CES 2010
Here's a small collection of some cool gadgets and gear we discovered at CES 2010.
Saygus VPhone

People were calling this the first Dick Tracy phone since it will provide two-way video calling over 3G networks. Saygus has been working on it for over ten years and they say they are very close to releasing it. It has some very cool features including a forward-facing video camera.

Turn calories into amps (okay milliamps) with this clever device called the YoGen from Easy Energy Inc. You pull the string and it charges your phone or whatever else you want to charge. They say a few minutes of pulling can give you a few minutes of talk time. It's good for the environment and good for your health. What's not to like?
Small Projectors

We always find interesting gear in the Asian pavilions at CES. Here are some inexpensive and small projectors from a company called Desonic.
Mobile DTV Tuner

Remember the DTV transition when all TVs had to be able to receive digital, ATSC signals? Well there are companion ATSC broadcasts for mobile devices based on a new standard called ATSC Mobile/Handheld or Mobile DTV. The TV signal is free and all you need is a tuner that will eventually be built into mobile devices. In the meantime you’ll be able to buy a device like the tivit from Valups that puts ATSC TV programs on your phone via WiFi.
WiMax Rig

Our old friend Mitch Weinstock from Kinoma (maker of the coolest smartphone media player) had a great solution for the AT&T 3G overload at CES. It turns out Las Vegas is one of the trial cities for WiMax and Mitch was taking full advantage of it.
Retrevo is a Gem
The whole Retrevo site is one big hidden gem for gadget enthusiasts looking for manuals or reviews of the latest gear including digital cameras, HDTV, laptops and more.
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