Welcome to the first annual Golden Retrevo Awards; honoring the best and brightest independent gadget blogs on the web. This year's winners were selected by Retrevo's panel of judges and also chosen by votes from the general public.

Golden Retrevo Award winners are independent bloggers expressing fascination and enthusiasm for gadgets, gear, and technology. Here are this year's Golden Retrevo Award Winners:

Photo & Video All Things Apple
Enticing the Light
Enticing the Light is an insightful, co-written blog with fun and educational articles about photography from Peter Zack and Miserere.
This highly regarded blog covers everything from rumors to tips and tricks.
Essential Digital Camera
Written by photography teacher, Kathy Eyster, Essential Digital Camera offers in-depth class-like articles about everything from taking better pictures to buying a camera.
Cult of Mac
Cult of Mac is a prolific blog, filled with interesting articles covering Apple events, products, tips and tricks.
My Camera World
My Camera World is Niels Henriksen's blog about photography, taking better pictures, and what it means to be a photographer.
iPhoneography is the iPhone photography and videography blog, covering apps, tips, and tricks for taking pictures on the iPhone.
Photos by Richard
Photos By Richard is a comprehensive blog featuring tips, news, and articles about digital photography.
MacYourself ski ps the rumors and goes straight to the heart of Apple fixes, tips, and reviews.
Your Photo Tips
Your Photo Tips is Damien Franco's blog that talks about taking better pictures, and offers insights from an insider's perspective.

The iPhone Guru

iPhone Guru covers all things about the iPhone from the perspective of iPhone owner Matthew Panzario.
Gaming New & Cool Gadget Gizmos
Gaming Angels
Founded by Trina Schwimmer, Gaming Angels is an engaging blog that gives voice to the female gaming experience.
Gadgetlite is a tech blog that covers emerging new digital technology, gadgets, and robotics.
Hawty McBloggy
HawtyMcbloggy shares daily posts, pictures, and videos, from her unique perspective on gaming culture.
Gizmowatch is a haven for gadgets and technology and a site established simply because, "geeks need better toys to play."
Play Like a Girl
Written by a two woman team, Play Like a Girl explores console gaming, themes, and overall gaming experience from a fun female perspective.
Pocketables is a portable gadget infused tech publication that provides news, commentary and reviews on mobile gadgets.
Press the Buttons
Press the Buttons shares Matthew Green's reviews and insights on games both old and new.
Remove The Labels
As the creation of William McBee, Remove the Labels takes a fresh look at gadgets, graphics, rumors, rants, and more.
PS3 Vault
PS3 Vault is the indi source for news, reviews, rumors, and cheats for the PS3 game console.
The Gadgeteer
The Gadgeteer is a fun and engaging gadget blog from the mind of self-proclamed gadget freak, Julie Strietelmeier.
HDTV, Home Theater & Audio Gear Laptops, Netbooks
& Desktops
Canada HiFi is a comprehensive home theater, audio, video, and gadget news blog.
NetbookTech offers up-to-date netbook news and lists the specs of new netbooks too.
Frugal Home A/V
Frugal Home A/V is one man's attempt to help people maximize their home audio and video experience, without blowing their budget.
Lenovo laptops are covered in depth on this interesting blog.
HDTV Expert
HDTV Expert is Pete Putman's resource for reviews, news, tutorials, and frequently asked questions about high definition televisions.

My Asus Eee PC

Asus launched the whole netbook craze with the Eee PC. This independent blog does it justice.
HDTV Professor
HDTV Professor is Alfred Poor's creation, designed as an insider's guide to HDTV information.
My Netbook World
Well written and thorough coverage of all things netbook.
The Blu-ray Blog
The Blu-ray blog provides a wealth of information for movie watchers, detailing upcoming films, reviews, and insights.
This would be the first place we would turn to for Samsung netbook info.
Mobile Gadgets GPS Units
Cell Fanatic
Cell Fanatic is Nick Marshall's creation where he chronicles mobile gadget news.
AnyGeo is a blog about GIS, the GeoWEb, Mobile, Social, and Location Technologies from a GIS user.
Daily Mobile
A small team from Sweden turns out an awful lot of good info about mobile technology.
GeoCache: I'm NOT obsessed…right?
HeadHeartHat is Andrew Smith's personal blog about the fun and thrill of GeoCaching.
iPhoneinCanada is a popular blog that covers articles about the iPhone, accessories, forums, and Apps.
GPS.eu is a fun and insightful blog dedicated to all things GPS.
Mobile Whack
Mobile Whack Covers covers the latest tech news around cell phones and mobile gadgets.
GPS Obsessed
GPS Obsessed is focused on following GPS technology as rapidly as it evolves and converges with mobile devices.
My Nokia Blog
If you’re looking for the latest news on Symbian, Maemo, or Nokia phones, this blog is a good place to start.
GPS Tracklog
GPSTracklog provides reviews, news, tips and tricks from the author of GPS Mapping - Make Your Own Maps.

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