Six of the Best New iPhone Apps
Amid all the hoopla over the Apple iPad announcement we didn’t want anyone to forget about the good old iPhone and iPod Touch so we thought we'd highlight a few of our favorite new iPhone apps that were released or updated this month.
SlingPlayer Mobile
Yes, it's a bit pricey at $29.99, but how cool is it to be able to watch what's on your TV at home, on you iPhone over a 3G wireless connection? So far the reviews are positive and users feel it's worth the 30 bucks.
Plants vs. Zombies
Reviewers are calling this a "flawless" port from the PC (or Mac). It's cute, fun and only costs $2.99. What's not to like?
GT Racing: Motor Academy
Some say this very ambitious attempt to bring realistic car racing to the small screen falls short, but it's a pretty impressive simulation and offers a wide selection of cars and good value for $6.99. Others say Real Racing by Firemint rivals this Gameloft app. We say, “drivers start your iPhones!”
New Version of Bejeweled
They added a blitz mode and FaceBook connectivity to this very popular time waster, er, we mean addictive, no, how about very fun and absorbing game.
Martha’s Everyday Food: Fresh & Easy
For $.99 you can get the newly released Martha Stewart recipe app. It could very well be a good thing. So far reviewers like it and like the fact that you can create shopping lists with it.
Trusight Pro
Here’s a hidden gem from a company that claims to have cracked the code used by your eyes and brain to process images. They apply that process in a tool to enhance your photographs. The results are impressive and the app only costs $2.99.
Retrevo is the Ultimate App
You don’t need an iPhone to use Retrevo but if you do, you’ll find manuals and reviews for all the latest gadgets and gear like digital cameras, HDTV, laptops and more.
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