Retrevo's Garden Gadget Roundup
It's springtime again, and while gadgets and gardening aren't usually mentioned in the same sentence, Retrevo has found a few gadgets that should make your gardening experience more productive and enjoyable.
The EasyBloom Plant Sensor Plus
Retrevo was lucky enough to host one of these space-age-looking sensors in our office, and we were impressed with the amount of information it collected on our potted plants. The EasyBloom Plant Sensor Plus can take detailed readings of your yard, and connect with your computer and an online plant library to tell you what to plant, where, and when. It will even monitor a sick plant, indoors or outdoors. This little gadget will even tell you what plants won't work in your yard, and when to fertilize your plants, saving you time, effort, and money.
Power Bulb Planter
If you're tired of planting bulbs the old-fashioned way, this handy gadget attaches to any standard power drill and makes for quick planting.
EX Water Timer
Worried about saving water? This easy to set timer lets you water from 2 minutes to 9 hours with a frequency of 3 hours to 14 days.
Garden Labeler
Did you forget what you planted? Make it easy to remember with long-lasting printed labels that won't peel or fade. (These labels also work for indoor items like CD cases, boxes and more.
Compost Bin
The Geobin is made from recycled plastic, and a great way to make your own compost. It adjusts frm 1' - 3- in diameter, allowing you to expand it as your needs increase.
Garden in a Box
EarthBox is a perfect solution for city dwellers who may only have a balcony on which to grow. Set up the box, add your potting mixture and seeds, cover, and watch your plants grow. The EarthBox can grow Artichokes, Tomatoes, Bell Pepers, Broccoli, Herbs and more.
Indoor Garden
That's not a George Forman Grill that's gone horribly wrong; it's the The AeroGarden, a NASA tested aeroponic plant garden that will help you grow cherry tomatoes, salad greens, chili peppers and more with space-age style!
Make Your Garden Green with Retrevo
Whether in the garden, on-the-go, or at home, Retrevo can help you find the best gadgets, from the right place, at the right price.
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