Best Nintendo Wii Games and Accessories
In case you hadn’t heard, there’s this video game console called Nintendo Wii and it’s the coolest thing you can do with your TV since the VCR. But, the Wii is way more than just kids’ play. Entire families can play drums, skateboard, cycle, box, and even get a workout. Despite some recent reports that sales might be slipping, Wii is still the number one selling console globally.
New Wii Bundle Just Went on Sale
For those of you without a Wii, Nintendo released a new bundle on May 9th that includes a cool new black Wii and couple of our favorites: A Wiimote with MotionPlus addon, as well as Wii Sports Resort. It has all the goodies, and coming in at just $199, it is also one of the most affordable bundles around.
Top Five Wii Games and Accessories
Here's our pick of the top 5 coolest Nintendo Wii games for you, oh, and the kids too we guess.
1. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 – MotionPlus ($46.82)
No joke, this is the closest you can get to golf without a cart. Always great fun, this latest iteration of PGA Tour takes on a new dimension of realism with the MotionPlus add-on for the WiiMote. The new technology can actually read backswing, stroke speed, and even wrist position for slices and hooks. You’ll have to use all your best form to steer the ball. While not exactly a golf trainer, it can certainly keep the rust out of the joints and make up for rainy days. The game also features graduated difficulty settings for those of us without a golf bag in the trunk.
2. Wii MotionPlus ($18.99)
As anyone who has ever flubbed a match-point rally or thrown the wrong swing in a boxing match knows, inaccurate or completely missed inputs were endemic to the Wii. We tried our best to learn, but some things just didn’t work. Not anymore. Revolutionize your WiiMote simply by plugging the MotionPlus add-on. The device can detect an increased range of movements and improves accuracy across the board. The difference is so great that some games give you a crash course on the new control scheme when you first plug in.
3. Punch-Out with optional Gloves ($46.82) (Gloves are $18.99)
Maybe it was the summer of ‘84 when you first saw Punchout! at the local arcade. Perhaps, it was a few years later in a buddy’s living room fighting Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, and a really fat guy. Either way, you had a blast playing Punchout! Now, Nintendo is breathing new life into the franchise. You’ll remember all your favorite characters from Little Mac to King Hippo, with the added bonus of motion control. Grab the option gloves and Wii Balance Board, and have yourself a full on ducking, dodging, and swinging experience. Punchout! is welcome reprieve from the daily grind and a very welcome revival of an old favorite.
4. Wii Fit Plus bundle with Balance Board ($119.99)
The at-home workout. Usually relegated to late-night infomercials, home workouts are now main-stream. We're reluctant to call Wii Fit Plus a game because it is such a full-featured fitness program with a trainer that walks you through your routines plus profiles that log calories-burned and credits earned. The “game” features serious training for Yoga poses like Warrior and Deep V, Strength training like the side-plank and jackknife, and Aerobics. Additionally, it features balance and motor skills oriented activities like the golf driving range, obstacle course, ski jump, and soccer. Wii Fit Plus is the best way to have fun while staying fit.
5. Wii Sports Resort ($46.99)

Wii Sports Resort consists of 12 events including basketball, golf, archery, swordplay, and more. With the added capabilities of MotionPlus, the game’s 1:1 controls mean you can add spin in table tennis, throw curves in bowling, and even slice in golf. If that’s not enough for you, the game also features wakeboarding, cycling, and frisbee - complete with fetching dog. Each event has different modes of play and allows for multiple players making it a perfect way to spend a Saturday night with family, friends, and a little healthy competition.
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