How to Find an HDTV Deal
Ever wonder if one day is better than another for buying an HDTV set. The fact is you can usually find good deals almost any day of the year but some days might be better than others. Here's some insider info on how to find the best deals on HDTV gear along with advice on features you might be able to live without. There's also a link to the latest hand-picked deals from Retrevo editors.
1. Inside the Industry: News and Deals Tips
News: Sony and Panasonic vs. LG
Both Sony and Panasonic have indicated they will be restricting who can offer their new cutting edge TVs like some 3DTV, in some cases only retailers like Best Buy will be able to sell them. LG on the other hand will be selling their 3DTVs both online and offline. Unfortunately retailers may not be willing to offer lower prices than online resellers so you may find better deals on LG 3DTVs than those from Sony and Panasonic.
Tip: Wait for a long weekend.
You can almost always expect to find promotions around holiday weekends like the upcoming Labor Day Weekend. That doesn’t mean you can’t find good deals anytime of the year, it just means you can usually count on the holidays including the big one on Black Friday.
Tip: Football season means HDTV promotions.
Plasma TVs have historically offered better values in large sizes however as LCD TVs have grown in popularity that advantage has dwindled. Plasma TVs have seen a resurgence as 3DTVs however you may be able to find some older plasma HDTVs from manufacturers like Samsung at bargain prices.
2. How to Spot a Great HDTV Deal
Here’s some advice on what to look for and how to determine if an HDTV set is a good deal or not.
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HDTV Buying Guide
These are some of the top features to consider, but there are more features to learn about like backlight technology, HDMI 1.4, and internet connectivity? Check out our complete HDTV Buying Guide.
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