Six Unintended Uses for the New Nano
Sure the new iPod Nano can play music and let you share pictures, but why stop there? Upon seeing Steve's inspiring presentation, we, at Retrevo.com , were inspired, (if not driven) to find fun new ways to incorporate this essential device into the lives of people (and pets) everywhere. Here are six ways the Nano may be used in a future near you.

1. High End
Fashion Jewelry

September is fashion month and we think it's no coincidence that Apple chose this month to launch it's most stylish wearable MP3 player to date.
2. Digital Pet Bling
There's no excuse for Fido or Fluffy to wear an ID tag that is anything less than cool. Throw out that old metal dog collar that's so "Collar 1.0," and upgrade to a new Nano collar.
3. The iScouting Badge
Most of today's kids are more into new flangled > newfangled digital gadgets than winnowing and sewing, so why not give them a badge, or series of badges that reflects it? Scouts across the country will line up (possibly camping out for days) to earn the new Nano iScouting Badge.
4. The MiWatch
(pronounced My Watch)

Now there's a watch that does more than tell time (and it's not in a spy film). Meet the MiWatch, a handy timepiece that makes music, shares photos, and works no matter which way you put it on.
5. The World's Easiest Puzzle
Are you tired of those complicated (non-digital) puzzles that force you to think and match actual pieces together? (Some of those things have over a hundred pieces). Well, work-no-more with the new iPuzzle, a puzzle where every piece is square!
6. MiBride Wedding Confetti
(our personal favorite)

Forget throwing rice at your wedding. Today's bride is all about iBride Wedding Confetti. Invite your guests to throw handfuls of colorful Nanos across the isle as you and your new spouse walk happily down the isle!

*On a Serious Note: this article is intended to be satirical and humorous, and it's contents is in no way a reflection of how the Nano should really be used. The given names of products in this article are in no way a reflection of real products, companies or services. For a more serious article click here. For a less serious article click here.
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