Pricey Gadget Gifts That Will Score You Points
We're not even going to mention the Apple iPad on this list of gadgets in the hundred dollar-plus range although if you're really feeling generous and have the $499 the iPad is at the top of a lot of people's list this year. iPads aside, here's a list of gadget gifts that will cost you more than a gift certificate for the iTunes Store:
The Gift of Fitness
Fitbit costs $99. You wear it all day and all night (if you want) and it tracks how active you are during the course of your day and even how well you sleep at night. You download the data to your computer and get help making you more fit. It's so popular it's always backordered but you might be able to get on in time for Xmas if you hurry unfortunately, probably not in time for Chanukah which comes early this year but you could always tell someone "it's on the way."
Have Lots of Fun With Microsoft Kinect ($150)
Microsoft's latest add-on for the Xbox 360 is a wonderful device that uses and array of microphones and a camera to "sense" the motion of the game players similar to the Nintendo Wii so players participate in games by moving their bodies. The Kinect costs around $150 and we've seen it bundled with the Xbox 360 and two games for $299.
Use Your iPad in Cold Weather With Conductive Gloves ($200)
Now that the cold weather has set in, have you found yourself having to remove your gloves in order to do something on your smartphone or iPad? There are many providers of "capacitive" touch-enabled gloves but one of the ones we like uses nanotechnology from a company named TouchTec who works with glove manufacturer Gaspar who sells touch-technology leather gloves for around $200.
Get a Watch and Music Player with an Apple iPod Nano ($149)
Okay, we know you iPhone owners out there are saying "who needs and MP3 player?" But for $149 ($179 for 16GB) the new Nano is pretty darn cool and you can even add a watchband that turns it into a functional piece of jewelry.
Serious Book Readers Love Kindles ($139)
The new Kindle from Amazon is a very affordable $139. Unlike the iPad, it’s easier, or should we say possible to read in bright light like at the beach. It has a month-long battery life, and you can download books and other content through its Wi-Fi connection. There’s also a 3G model available for $189.
Keep Charged with a Mophie
Battery Pack for iPhone 4 ($59)

Here's a relative bargain compared to the over $100 gifts we're recommending; for around $59 you can buy a Mophie Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargeable Battery for the iPhone 4 which can solve a lot of problems at once including (we're pretty sure) the notorious antenna problem. Seriously, this device can serve as a case and will also recharge your iPhone battery adding many hours of use between wall charges.can download books and other content through its Wi-Fi connection. There’s also a 3G model available for $189.
Microvision ShowWX PicoP Projector ($299)
There are several good pico projectors on the market like ones from 3M and Samsung but this one from Microvision is laser powered delivering bright and sharp images from devices like laptops, smartphones, and cameras. It's a little pricey at $299 but will surely be the envy of anyone lucky enough to get one as a gift.
Philips Fidelio DS8500 Speaker Dock ($179)
Besides looking good, this speaker dock sounds nice too. We’ve listened to it, and it really does deliver a nice, rich sound from your iPod, iPhone or any other device connected to the aux input. For $179, this speaker dock could make music-lovers happy.
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