New Sony 3D Pocket Camcorder and Other New Gadgets
With all the 3DTVs we saw at CES this year, we were surprised to see so few 3D camcorders. Who wouldn’t want to have a few 3D home movies to show the relatives? Here are a few 3D camcorders we’ve learned about along with some other cool stuff.
3D Pocket
Camcorder from Sony

Sony announced the 3D Bloggie HD (MHS-FS3) which is due out in April and will cost a mere $250. It has two lenses and can capture 1080p 3D video or shoot 2MP 3D stills. It has a built-in USB connecter like the Flip which makes uploading videos easier.
Solar Power Pack for iPhone 4
Announced but not shipping just yet; this solar power pack from Eton, the company known for emergency gear like hand-cranked and solar powered radios. No word on the price but we like the idea of charging your iPhone wherever you happen to find a sunny spot.
Better Cooking With Chemistry
The latest rage in cooking is to focus on the chemistry of foods. For about $70 you can buy a kit that includes ingredients like calcium lactate used in purees or xanthum gum used in dressings. Who needs Nathan Myhrvold’s million dollar kitchen when you have this molecular cooking chemistry set. Think Geek as it for $69.99.
You Too Can Be
James Cameron

Consumer-level 3D camcorders are still in short supply but Sony is offering the Handycam HDR-TD10 3D Camcorder that goes for about $1500. It has two lenses and shoots in 1080p 3D video. The JVC GS-TD1 also has two sensors and produces 1080p 3D video. It will cost around $2000.
New Sony PSP2
Sony is calling it the “NGP” for next-generation portable. It has buttons familiar to portable game device players as well as a touch screen. It also features a 5-inch high res OLED screen and built-in 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS along with other motion sensors. A quad-core Cortex ARM 9 processor provides lots of game power. The only thing it doesn’t do is make phone calls. It’s expected to cost around $300. Too bad it won’t be out until the end of the year. Sony’s number one competitor, Nintendo is scheduled to release their hot new 3DS at the end of March for $250.

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