Smartphones: Buy Now or Wait?
Apple and Verizon just announced the long-awaited Verizon iPhone. Finally happy Verizon customers and unhappy AT&T customers will have the option to get the best of both worlds. The only problem is the Verizon iPhone is a 3G phone and if we can believe Verizon, 4G is just around a corner so why would you buy into a new 2 year contract on a phone that could be obsolete in less than a year. To help you answer that question and whether or not to wait for one of the new Android smartphones, we offer this chart showing some of the hotter smartphones along with estimated release dates.
4G Smartphones are On the Horizon
Sprint already offers a very popular 4G phone that runs on their WiMAX network. Customer experience with WiMAX is reported to be very positive. AT&T has an HSPA+ (3.5G) network in place with phones becoming available to run on it. Verizon says they have 38 cities and 60 airports deployed on LTE/4G with phones slated to come out over the course of the year.
Waiting for The iPhone 5?
If Apple sticks with their annual June iPhone rollout, can we expect to see a 4G iPhone 5 announced? Although it’s early in the guessing game, we suspect the 4G iPhone may not come until version 6 of the iPhone although that would give the Android camp a big opportunity to fill the market with 4G smartphones. In any case June is only several months away.
Buy a Smartphone Now or Wait?
Although reports from the field indicate that 4G data transfers are wicked fast, it remains to be seen how much carriers are going to charge for all that speed. Furthermore if you live outside the major metropolitan areas of the country it will be a while longer before you see 4G networks available in your neighborhood. On the other hand if you can wait a month or two (or more), the smartphone you will be able to buy will have a super fast dual core processor and high speed 4G connectivity.
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You completely missed an important smartphone

It's hard to believe you didn't at least mention that HP is coming out with arguably the most advanced smartphone to date this summer. The specs for the Pre3 are out and worthy of mention.