iPad 2 Covers, Cases and Other Cool Accessories
With the iPad 2 going on sale on March 11th, we thought we’d take a look at some of the cooler iPad 2 accessories and relay some rumors we’ve read about future Apple products.
iPad 2 Cover Steals the Show
Aside from the fact that Steve Jobs made an appearance at the announcement of the iPad 2 on March 2nd, it looked to us like the most interesting thing was the very clever cover for the new iPad. Yes, the iPad 2 is smaller and faster but the OS update didn’t offer any of the improvements in things like multitasking management and notifications that users have been grumbling about but it was the very cool new cover that everyone was raving about. It uses magnets and sensors built into the iPad so the iPad turns on when you open the cover and turns off when you close it. It reminds us of some BlackBerry holsters we’ve seen that can tell when the phone is in or out of the holster using magnets.

Rotating iPad 2
Case from Targus

The iPad 2 eco-system sprang to life with the announcement of products like this case from Targus that works as a stand and allows you to rotate the iPad a full 360 degrees. It’s available now for around $60.
Rubber Bumper for iPad 2
Not that the iPad has any antenna issues but if you want to protect those new thinner edges of the new iPad you might want to inverts in Kensington’s BlackBelt Protection Band for about $40 when it becomes available next month.
Want a Stylus with that iPad?
You can put these capacitive touch tips on a Sharpi, Bic Pen, or Pilot to turn it into a stylus for a touchscreen device. They will cost around $20 when they become available from More/Real
What’s Next For Apple?
Now that the iPad 2 or as some are calling it the iPad 1.5 is real rumors are starting to circulate on the iPad 3. For those disappointed that the Retina display didn’t make it into the iPad 2, you can hold out hope that it will be part of the iPad 3 which may show up just in time for the holidays. Rumors say it will be a 2048x1536 9.7-inch display with features that make it brighter and easier to read like IPS and FFS (in plane switching and fringe field switching). There are also rumors of 7-inch tablet in the form or a larger iPad Touch rather than a smaller iPad.
Could Your iPad 2 Survive a Torture Test?
For $39.95 you can but Hard Candy's StreetSkin for the iPad 2 that protects an iPAd against shocks and other abuse. They come in different colors and boost of a new hinge design that supposedly makes the cover more secure.

Carbon Fiber Cover
Carbon fiber products are generally not cheap and that goes for the $99 iPad 2 case from Geared for Life. Not only is this case super light and indestructible, it has a cool feature where it swivels 360 degrees to accommodate different uses.

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