Is Your iPad Screen Bleeding?
There were no major trade shows this week and no major announcements from Apple but a few tech items caught our eye including some 3D glasses news, new DSLRs and a cool wooden iPad smart cover.
One From Canon
and One From Nikon

A new Canon Rebel also known as the EOS 1100D will be replacing a 3 year old version. It shoots 12.2 MP photos, costs around $600 and even comes in colors. Meanwhile, Nikon announced the D5100 which will be replacing the D5000. It's a 16.2 MP camera with a 3-inch display that flips out and swivels. You can buy a version of the D5100 without a lens for around $800.

Rumored Sony
Thunderbolt-Equipped Laptop

This summer we might be treated to an interesting laptop from Sony that will feature the fast new Thunderbolt bus recently introduced by Apple, SSD storage and a claimed 16.5 hour battery life powered by a new Core i7.
Is Your iPad 2
Screen “Bleeding?”

There are reports of display problems with the iPad 2 where the backlight bleeds into the screen creating white areas around the edges of the screen that are most notable on a black display in a darkened room. So far, no official word from Apple.

Wooden iPad Smart Cover

If you thought the Smart Cover was cool, you should check out this wood version that overs the same functionality including the magnetic fastener, on/off switch. It costs around $70 from Miniot.

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iPad screen bleed

I had the same problem with my 2008 iMac. I'm a photographer, so I noticed within a few days of setting it up at home. Because this 24" model had just been released, and I had it specially configured with larger drive, more RAM, and an upscaled video card, Apple had a replacement shipped the next day from Taiwan. Received it two days later. I imagine the same would be true of any iPad 2 one receives. It would be replaced. The turned in unit would eventually be found on Apple's website as a refurb.