Could These Be the Next Apple Products?
Steve Jobs is famous for telling an audience that he and Apple had looked at a product and thought they could make a better one. Apple did this for the MP3 player and most recently the mobile phone. With so many consumer electronics products having been Apple’ized, we wonder what’s next on their list? Here’s a list of some possible candidates:
The iWatch
Yes, the iPod Nano makes a cool and stylish watch but what if Apple applied their design genius to developing a wristwatch communicator that also tells you want time it is? The nice thing about a wristwatch device is you always have it on you and it keeps your hands free. Apple would have to develop a better way to provide input/output along with some innovations in tiny display technology but otherwise a small communication and information device that runs Apple apps, plays music, displays alerts and messages, becomes your e-wallet, and even works together with the iPhone in your pocket sounds kind of interesting to us.
The iTV
We’ve mentioned this idea before and still think there is a good chance that Apple will merge a large screen high resolution monitor with an Apple TV and bring a real Apple branded TV to market. Basically we’re talking about a “smart” TV that offers lots of connectivity options, computing power and perhaps a new user interface. Apple already has a very easy way of moving media to the big screen using their version of DLNA called AirPlay. Why not build AirPlay right into the TV itself along with lots of other cool features like gesture control. If Apple is in fact developing a TV we hope they will apply their UI expertise to the “10 foot interface” and make it easier than ever to control your TV and zero in on what you want to watch.

Here’s our TV wish list in case anyone from the Apple TV product team happens to be reading this:

  • A wireless speaker system for surround sound so you don’t have to run wires
  • Great audio with a state-of-the-art sound bar built-in
  • ALS, Presence sensing and other environmentally-friendly features
  • A built-in PVR with multiple tuners and a big hard drive to store lots of TV shows unless, of course, they all live in the cloud and are available on demand.
  • Cable card slot or the new AllVid just in case you want to watch HBO.
The iCard
What if you could carry around a super smart credit card-sized device in your wallet, your pocket, or pocketbook? Maybe this smart card could replace a lot of cards in your wallet. With Near Field Communication (NFC) devices about to spring forth into the market a thin e-wallet with a small touchscreen display might be a useful gadget to carry around with you. It would have to use an inductive charger like the Palm Pre so it could remain sealed and waterproof.

What About an iCar?

Check out or list of features could expect to see in an official Apple “transportation device.”
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