Weirdest Royal Wedding Gadgets
There is so much rubbish out there associated with this wedding that it was hard to narrow down the list. We took a stab at it though, and now for your viewing pleasure…

The Refrigerator
that Takes the Cake

Yes, this is real. To further confound you – it’s made by American company General Electric. This picture made the rounds in our office, and made everyone’s Monday just a little bit better.

Cell Phone Cases
These come in closer to the ‘normal’ side of the spectrum. Which really isn’t saying much, to be fair.

Commemorative Oyster Card
For those not familiar with London public transportation, an Oyster card is a fast pass that you can load up with money and use, rather than having to buy a ticket every time. One presumes that neither Will nor Kate has ever used the tube in their lives – but irony is one thing the British do particularly well.

Ridiculously Patriotic
Mobile Phone

Alcatel launched the Royal Wedding mobile phone. The wallpaper is a picture of William and Kate, while the ringtone is Mendelssohn’s Wedding March. Gag.

Commemorative USB Batteries
A battery that can be recharged by plugging into a USB port is quite a nifty idea – too bad they had to ruin it.

Royal Wedding Sick Bags
in four festive colors.
My personal favorite, and the most practical of the lot.

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Miaow! I know, love: "it

Miaow! I know, love: "it should have been you."