Planetary (iPad)

This app is a gorgeous and innovative way to navigate through music. Each artist is a star in the universe that is your music collection; the albums are planets that orbit the star, and each individual song is a moon. You can control the playback by browsing through the astronomical objects.

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Planetary app

I just downloaded the app.....it offers a fabulously cool "skin" that lays over Itunes. You can start it independently of Itunes but in reality it appears that Itunes is driving it. The imagery is absolutely beautiful......the usability is just OK. It doesn't recognize all of your songs. I would guess that unless the song came from Itunes or the titles were formatted to "fit" with Itunes, then the Planetary app simply cannot find all of your music. However, a simple fix is to launch Itunes.....start your playlist......launch Planetary.......then sit back and enjoy!!!!