Report From The Connected Traveler Showcase
Last week the U.S. Travel Association's International Pow Wow came to San Francisco and Pat Meier-Johnson held her own mini-Pow Wow showcase that featured some cool gadgets that you might want to consider taking along on your summer travels this year. Here's a sample of what we saw there.
A Handy Attachment
for Your DSLR

Ken Kobré , a photojournalism professor was recently granted a patent for this clever camera add-on that bounces the flash on your DSLR off the ceiling to create a much improved lighting for many situations.

Put Your iPhone on Your Steering Wheel
For around $25 you can buy this innovative holder for any smartphone that attaches to your steering wheel and puts the display in an easy-to-read position, at least when you're not turning a corner. It's called GoSmart and is available on Amazon.

Facebook Meets Trip Advisor
Gogobot.com is an interesting new web site that combines recommendations from your friends and other seasoned travelers and a travel site. There is lots of good "insider" travel advice and a bunch of photos from around the world. It's worth checking out if your going somewhere or happen to find yourself somewhere without a place to eat, stay, or visit.

A Truly Portable Monitor
Have you ever had to lug along an extra monitor with you on a trip? The typical flat screen monitor although a lot lighter and smaller than the old CRTs, is still a bit bulky. The folks from Mobile Monitor Technologies, have come up with a very portable monitor that cuts the weight down and package down to a more manageable size.

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