Review: Sun-Sniper Camera Straps for Photographers & Videographers
By Jennifer L. Jacobson
For this review, I’d like to bring up two seemingly unrelated things; the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and the fact that photographers like finding gear that suits their specific needs.

Let’s think about the three bears for a moment. Each had their own preferences in bedding softness, porridge temperature, and other things. What worked for Mama Bear wouldn’t work for Baby Bear or Papa Bear, and vice versa.

Now, let’s think about photographers. First, you have your point & shoot crowd who snap photos now and then while on vacation, family events etc. Second, you have your basic DSLR user who knows a few tricks and takes a few gigs now and again shooting pictures. Third, you have your Pro Photographer, who has an expansive collection of “glass” (lenses), several DSLR bodies, and has probably spent more on photography than you have on your current car. The gear that one type of camera “user” or photographer will likely use varies depending on their need.

I recently tested three products from the Sun-Sniper product family, and no matter what level of photographer you are, or what your need is, I think you’re bound to find something here that’s just right for you.

Here’s what I liked about all three of the straps I tested:

  1. Quick Action – The Sun-Sniper straps are easy to take from “resting” to “action.” The camera slides along the strap so you can quickly snap a picture and put it back down by your side. The metal camera mount that connects also has bearings in it, allowing it to spin freely and avoid getting tangled as you walk about.
  2. A Steel Cord Runs Through It – Unfortunately, when you’re walking through a crowd, or standing in a crowded line wearing a camera on a strap, it’s far too easy for a thief to cut the strap with a knife and run off with your camera. Well, the Sun-Sniper family has a sturdy metal cord that runs through it, preventing a would-be-thief from doing this.
Option One: The Compact Steel & Bear Sun-Sniper Sniper-Strap

Who Should Get It?

Photographers carrying a point & shoot camera.

Things I Like About It:

1. It’s Compact – The Steel & Bear Strap is small and portable. You don’t feel like you’re lugging around a lot of gear.

2. It’s Comfortable – I took this strap hiking and I have to say, it was very easy to wear and move around in.

What I Would Change:

Nothing. I like it just the way it is.

Option Two: “The Pro” Steel & Bear Sun-Sniper Sniper-Strap

Who Should Get It?

Your average DSLR user who takes one camera on a shoot.

Things I Like About It:

1. It’s Comfortable – Like the smaller strap, this one is comfortable, easy to wear, and supports the camera size it was designed for.

2. It Get The Job Done – I used this strap while shooting some of the headshots for Retrevo’s management team. The strap made it easy to carry and use the camera. I switched between the strap and a tripod.

What I Would Change:

I would like a “second mount” option so it’s easier to move the camera between a tripod and the strap.

Option Two: The Sun-Sniper Dhp “Double Plus Harness”

Who Should Get It?

Pro photographers who need to carry and use more than one DSLR during a shoot.

Things I Like About It:

1. It really does work! – It really does work! - I recently used this strap while shooting a wedding (and if you’ve ever shot a wedding, you know that sometimes you need to wear more than one camera). This camera let me quickly switch between DSLRs (each with a different lenses on it) and quickly access a point & shoot camera.

2. It's surprisingly comfortable! – Despite the fact that you’re carrying several extra pounds of weight in gear, the Dhp distributes the weight comfortably. While it may look like you’re ready to jump out of a plane, chances are, if you need to carry this many cameras, you’re used to “looking like a photographer.” In my opinion, the Dhp is the easiest way to carry and use two DSLRs and a Point & Shoot out there.

Would I change Anything About it?


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