Retrevo's HDTV Model Decoder

  If you're shopping for an HDTV, you're probably lost in a marketing morass. What's Micro Dimming/Plus? Is Razor LED lighting something I care about? Should I just go with the Motion Flow? Does anybody have any aspirin?

You can ease your headache with a visit to Retrevo.com's HDTV model decoder (retrevo.com/samples/HDTV-Decoder.html ). The shopping site defines marketing terms — you'll learn what Samsung's Micro Dimming/Plus is, as well as Vizio's Razor LED lighting and Sony's Motion Flow — but the most helpful feature tells you the differences among a brand's product lines. So you'll know what separates LG's LK, LV and LW models. Retrevo does that for five other HDTV brands: Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Vizio.... Click Here to read more.