Apps Showdown: Android vs iPhone
As the Android Market grows and offers more competition to the iTunes App Store more and more applications that were only found on the iPhone are becoming available to Android users. Likewise several of Google’s own apps are now available on the iPhone. We thought it would be interesting to see how the different platforms handled the same applications and which does it better.
Better on Android
Pandora (Android, iPhone)
As far as streaming music goes Pandora is one of the originals and still probably the most popular. All of the major streaming apps are available on both Android and iOS - Mog, Slacker, Rhapsody – and there really isn’t that much difference in what they do between platforms. The difference lies in how they do it – and the key reason they are better on Android is because of the widgets. There’s nothing better than being on the train and able to place a Pandora widget on your lockscreen, controlling it easy without having to go into the app or even into the phone. It’s true that on iOS you can play them from the multitask menu, but only after you launch the app, and you certainly can’t do it from the lockscreen. If you want to switch then you have to close Pandora and go back to Rhapsody and launch it. On Android all the widgets make it incredibly easy to switch from one to the other, or even play all of them at the same time – move over Gregg Gillis.
Google Voice (Android, iPhone)
Everyone who uses Google Voice swears that there is virtually nothing it cannot do. It will transcribe your voicemails and save them, record calls, route calls to specified phones based on who is calling, and allow you to send free SMS messaging all wrapped up in a package that is cheaper even than Skype. Not surprisingly though, it is integrated much better on Android. While incoming calls are fine on the iPhone, you have to launch the app whenever you want to do anything; which means you can’t click on a phone number in an email and have your phone automatically dial, you also can’t use voice commands or a Bluetooth headset. On Android the process is seamless, it’s easier to send text messages, and call out from any application using the native dialer.
Facebook (Android, iPhone)
These days social networking is as necessary to most people’s lives as having a television; a Retrevo Gadgetology study last year showed that nearly half of the respondents checked Facebook or Twitter after they went to bed. That means the quicker and easier the access on your smartphone, the better. Facebook (and Twitter) is another application that does pretty much the same basic thing on both platforms. Again though, it’s the widget that makes the usability that much better on Android. There’s no need to launch an application and navigate through it to see your friend’s status updates, the widget shows them right on the home screen and it’s only a matter of pressing a button to cycle through them. The same goes for writing your own status updates which, depending on how interesting your friends are, quick access to a platform on which to showcase their every thought could be a bad thing.
Better on iPhone
Words with Friends
(iPhone, Android)

Based on Scrabble, this is one of the most popular iOS games to play with friends, with a gorgeous UI and push notifications. Android users waited impatiently for the equivalent on their devices but unfortunately, it’s notoriously buggy on Android. It doesn’t alert you when it is your turn to play a word, will randomly delete ongoing games for no apparent reason, is unreasonably hard on the battery, and force closes far too often.
Safari on the iPhone is a truly excellent browser, with tabbed browsing, multi-gesture support, text search, and it looks gorgeous on the retina display. Even with the recent findings that Android’s native browser is faster than Safari (the Apple fans are arguing that this is a flawed study), and the fact that Android supports Flash, Safari still wins out over all. Of course, there is the option on Android to use a different browser – Opera, Dolphin, Skyfire, Firefox - to name a few of the most popular ones. All of these tend to address the shortcomings of the native browser. For example, Opera will sync your mobile bookmarks with your desktop, and Dolphin is a tabbed browsing machine. But on the sole basis of comparing native browsers, Safari takes the point.
iBooks (iPhone)
As an actual reader, iBooks is the superior platform. Apple had a lot of fun with the aesthetics of the app, with the way it shows the curve of the page flipping, and the change in density as you work your way through towards the spine. Especially charming is the way landscape mode works – turn the device on its side and you get the two pages facing each other. Added to this is really excellent formatting, easy and intuitive controls for font size, screen brightness and size, and word definitions. Google Books on the other hand has a fairly basic interface and cramped formatting, though they do have a really decent selection of books available to buy in the library. If we were to compare all available e-reading apps, then Kindle would win out over both of them. It has a superior selection, better organization and better UI. However, it performs exactly the same on both Android and iPhone, being native to neither, and therefore doesn’t suit the purposes of our examination.
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Which OS better?

Very interesting debate, including 1950's communist conspiracy theory. But which OS is better?

That doesn't seem to be the topic

I agree, very odd that people will take an article on mobile OSs and turn it into a paranoid political debate.

Personally, there are so many shortcomings in iOS that it's staggering that anyone can claim it to be the best at anything. Apple is good at one thing, and that is Marketing. They are great at making a sub-par product and making people believe that it's the latest-greatest...and people actually buy into it. I agree that Apple is a money-making machine, BECAUSE they are so good at marketing.
The funny thing is that Google is actually a Marketing company, and Apple is supposed to be focused on devices....but their strong suites are opposite.
The lack of widgets, true multitasking, any customization or useful functionality will always keep iOS lightyears behind. Maybe now that Google has purchased Motorola, they may put out a flagship device that will compete with the best from Samsung and HTC and be actually able to market it. There are modern Homescreen Launchers for Android that would blow the mind of an iPhone user (full 3D rendering, even for older phones like the X10).
Anyway...enough rambling...

Android vs iPhone

Where you may have a point that there are a few things that might be an advantage that iPhones have over Androids, there are a few points that you missed about iPhones. 1) Being alligned with too closely Google is a mistake. They are so closely alligned with the Democrat Party that they have willingly said they will gladly censor any communications that might hurt Obama's reelction campaign. They would be more than happy to block out any political speech that is in opposition to the Democrat Party. This action is about the same thing as the Fairness Doctrine on the internet. Democrats only want to silence anyone that has an opposing view. What about the First Amendment? 2) iPhones have a tracking device in there phones where they will track your every movements. They keep the information and can access it at any time. Since Apple is also closely aligned with the Democrat Party. Obama has already expressed interest in that information. Apple has said they would not make the information public when the news got out about the iPhone. Not to the public, but how about someone within the Obama administration? You might think that maybe my comments are paranoid and "off the charts", but think of this. A list was made public from the American Communist Party that 70 Senators and Representatives of Congress are signed members of their group. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) ran as a Communist and admits to being one and is basically a Democrat in all of his voting. Not one of the 70 were Republicans. That means that 25 to 33% or more people of the Democrat Party are Communists. Many of their comrades are ranking members in the Democrat Party, such as Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, and Alcee Hastings. Considering the problems with Fanny Mae (Maxine Waters and Barney Frank are the heads of that committee and defended Fannie Mae until they nearly crushed the banking and housing industry) and other Democrat controlled committees bringing down our country are not held accountable for what they have done, who would you trust? A Party that says anyone that has opposed the Obama administration in abortion, gun ownership or any other Democrat policies is a home grown terrorist, a racist, or an extreme radical and should be feared more than a Middle Eastern terrorist. A Party that is so closely aligned with unions that have recently exposed their Communist associations with the SECIU, AFLCIO, and the Teamsters. I think I will stay with my Android.

communist apple iphone

Apple is one of the best investments any one has ever made. They are a money machine par excelance. Not bad for a bunch of commies. The rest of corporate America can only dream of being 1/2 as good. Maybe they are too Republican and need to be more commie. This kind of talk you bring to this forum does not belong. You need therapy. Did you stop taking your medication again?

You choose your tech based on political idology?

I hope you read your stuff before you post, at least you need to, out loud to yourself.

Anyway, you solved a nagging question that has bothered me for some time. Where did all the Birchers go after the world wide fall of communisim? Communists all gone, bye, bye. Look it up.

Free advice: Turn off Fox. Just stop watching it. If you live in California, go to a doctor and get a prescription for marijuana, walk down the street to the local weed store, buy some, take it home and burn it while inhaling the smoke deeply. Do this daily for one week. If you don't live in California, take week off and go do the above. It will help. I promise.



What a strange, long

What a strange, long comment. Did you like Android more?

B&N reader

What about the B&N e-reader? It is much better than iBooks or Google Books, and is even better than the Kindle app. I'd be curious to know if this works differently on an iPhone versus a Droid.

B&N Nook

The B&N Nook Color is actually a nice tablet, with a couple of deal killers. It lacks a microphone, GPS, and camera, which makes a lot of Android apps unusable on it. It IS and excellent reader, but if that is all you want, you are better off with the e-Ink Nook. It is cheaper and easier on the eyes for extended reading.

Untrue Rant About Fannie Mae amongst other things

In a nutshell, the housing collapse was caused by wall streets creation of asset-backed credit derivitives and investment managers/bankers greed in selling them for profit regardless of the the potential harm! Now if you want a paranoid prediction i'll give you one... America's greed will be the downfall of it's empire if people don't change they're way of thinking and being. Those with the ability or influence to determine policy and law must stop focusing on self and how to get richer at any cost, and turn their focus to th country and the greater good of many instead of the few.


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I love people who blame

I love people who blame greed. Greed is nothing more than wanting to have something more. If you blame greed for this financial mess then you might as well blame gravity for a plane crash.

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... you might as well blame gravity for a plane crash.

Last time I checked, whenever ANYTHING falls out of the sky, gravity is always involved. Remember Newton and an APPLE?