Screens leaked of Google’s upcoming ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ Android release?
Lots of cool gadget news this week, including the latest TiVo set-top boxes, ever-lasting data discs, and a possible leaked screen of Google’s new Ice Cream Sandwich Android release.
Major Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ Update Revealed?
Beta 5 was just released as the new iOS gets ready for its big launch on the new iPhone. Google’s new Android update (Ice Cream Sandwich) was announced back in January and not much has been heard about it since. Well, Android Police has just revealed the first supposed screen leaks of ICS. The main change in aesthetic is the system-wide shift from neon green to blue as well as some subtle changes to the tray icons. Other speculated features include a completely redesigned App Launcher, an updated Camera app (with panoramic shots) and a new Gmail app. Stay tuned as the leaks continue to trickle in…
TiVo Announces New Premiere
Q and Preview Set-top Boxes

In a somewhat unexpected announcement, TiVo revealed two new set-top boxes, the Premiere Q and Preview. The new design for the Premiere Q allows for four simultaneous HD recordings, as well as a suite of online streaming options. The Preview retains the classic TiVo UI but focuses on video streaming. Content can be streamed through other Premiere boxes, on the network, online video sites (Hulu, YouTube, Netflix), or locally through a built-in 500 GB hard drive. Both of these units are welcome additions to the TiVo lineup and greatly improve upon older models.
LG and Hitachi get onboard
with the M-Disc, the thousand-year DVD

Though some may say that physical media is on the way out, a start-up called Millenniata has pushed out the M-Disc, which can hold data for generations. Because these discs have their data physically etched onto layers of rock-like material, the information can never be corrupted or lost. This is different than current mediums of physical media such as CDs and DVDs in which dye is sandwiched between layers of plastic. These older forms of media can begin to degrade and break apart (due to humidity, wear, etc) in a matter of years. "What we have, for the first time, is the ability to store data permanently," a representative of Millenniata said.

LG and Hitachi have been quoted to be manufacturing readers and writers for the M-Disc.

Google buys Motorola Mobility
Google just finished off a 12.5 billion dollar acquisition of Motorola Mobility, the company known for releasing the Android-powered Atrix 4G and Droid Bionic. Google CEO Larry Page has been quoted as saying that the purchase is a strategic move in order to strengthen their patent portfolio, as Mobility had over 17,000 registered patents.
MacRumors whips up some iPhone 5 renders
MacRumors took it upon themselves to license a 3D rendering of what the iPhone 5 may look like, based upon previously leaked case dimensions. The results are definitely enticing and likely similar to what the next iPhone could look like. The changes include a 4-inch screen and an aluminum back, though the real specs are still up in the air.

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