Sony Head Gear and Other New Gadgets
Summer is over and it’s time to get serious about work and school but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend some time checking out the latest technology to make your life more enjoyable. In that vein, here are some cool gadgets to consider.
TiVo Can Fill Your Days with HD Recordings
The new TiVo Premiere Elite whose price is still TBA (to be announced) can record up to four shows at once to a 2 TB hard drive which translates to 300 hours of HD programming. This TiVo also offers all the usual “connected” features like streaming movies, YouTube and more. You should be able to pick one of these up sometime in the next couple of months
A Colorful and Rugged
Coolpix Camera

Nikon has a new ruggedized point and shoot camera called the Coolpix AW100. It’s a 16 MP camera that is good to 33 feet underwater and is resistant to drops, dust and extreme temperatures. It will also shoot 1080p video and costs around $380.
Sony’s Immersive Display
You wear Sony’s new display on your head and watch 3D high def video on OLED screens while you listen to virtual surround sound on the built-in ear pieces. The device is called the HMZ-T1 and will be available in Japan this November. The last time I tried something like this at a trade show it looked good but felt a bit heavy. Maybe Sony solved that problem.
Calling It What it Is…
It’s called the Jawbone Nerd and is the latest Bluetooth headset to come out of the company that developed sound technology used by the U.S. military. The Nerd features that noise suppression technology and a USB Bluetooth dongle so you can use your headset for apps like Skype on your laptop. The Nerd costs around $140.
New Micro Four Third Lens From Panasonic
Micro Four Thirds cameras just got a big boost with Nikon announcing their own version but meanwhile you can pick up this lens for Lumix cameras that zooms from a wide angle 14 mm lens to a 42 mm one. Another zoom lens ranges from 45 -175 mm. They both boast of a Nano Surface coating (not sure what that is) that is supposed to make for sharper images.

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