A Few Reasons to Upgrade to OSX Lion
In case you hadn’t heard, Apple released their latest upgrade to OSX a few weeks ago but left many users thinking, “Should I go to the trouble for this upgrade?” Well, it depends on how you use your Mac. Many of the features introduced in Lion aim to change the way you manage your open applications. If you are a heavy user of alt-tab and app Dock, the update could be less important to you. If you have found some aspects of Snow Leopard (the last release) confusing or not as useful as you would have liked, Lion may be a good pick. Before you make your choice, here are a few things you should know about OSX Lion 10.7.
Full Screen Apps
One of my favorite features introduced in Lion are full screen apps, which allow an application to fill the screen, giving you much more room to work with. You can access the app any time you want by simply swiping four fingers to the left or right, which can be useful for quickly switching apps. MacBook Air owners will find that full screen apps help mitigate some of the problems of having a small screen by allowing more content to be displayed. If you have a smaller screen, full screen apps could very well be a reason to get Lion.
Mission Control at Your Fingertips
If you feel that switching apps on your Snow Leopard-equipped Mac is kind of a pain, perhaps Lion may be a step in the right direction for you. A tri-fingered swipe up will display all your open windows, grouped by application (check out the image to get an idea). Another swipe down will display all the windows open within the application you’re using. Personally, I think it makes app-switching a much more fluid and gratifying experience – if you’ve gotten tired of using alt-tab, the upgrade might just be worth it.
Get Ready for Launchpad
Apple manages to continue the trend of integrating iOS into OSX with Launchpad, the new way to open your apps. Launchpad basically lines up every app on your computer into one grid, with the ability to create and fill folders. Apps can be downloaded and removed in a similar fashion to the familiar iOS devices, though only apps from the App Store removed in this manner - other programs still have to be uninstalled manually. It’s to be noted that this is not really a significant upgrade over Snow Leopard’s app management system, rather more of an aesthetic improvement.
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