Reasons Why the iPhone 4S is not a Disappointment
So your contract was up two months ago (or will be up soon) and you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the iPhone 5 to be announced with its integrated time-travel and gum dispenser. Then on Tuesday Cupertino announced the iPhone 4s instead, and now you’re disappointed, left with a useless book full of winning horse races, and wondering if you should continue to hold out for the iPhone 5.

The answer is no. Not only do we have no idea when such a mythological item will appear but even then it may still disappoint you. Live in the moment. Embrace the 4s. Here’s why.

Fast, Smart, and International
While it’s true that the 4S looks identical to the previous model, inside it’s an entirely different sort of beast. It contains a dual-core A5 processor that is twice as fast at processing data and a graphics engine that is up to seven times faster at rendering graphics. This opens the door wide open for some seriously impressive gaming. Apple is claiming that while the device isn’t a 4G phone, it is just as fast – it can download data at up to 14.4mbps, and since the previous speed was about 7.2mbps this is pretty impressive. The antennae have also been redesigned – they’re still on the side of the phone but iOS will now switch automatically between them depending on how you hold the phone - so no more dropped calls. It is also what they’re calling a “world phone”, meaning it can utilize both GSM and CDMA signals and can therefore be used in any country. In terms of battery life Apple is claiming 8 solid hours of talk time before you need to charge it again, while browsing over 3G will get you six hours, and Wi-Fi gets nine hours of web.
A Camera That Puts Point-and-Shoots to Shame
The 4S also comes with a seriously impressive camera. Not only is it 8-megapixels, but the whole infrastructure around it is better - better light sensors, and backside illuminated CMOS mean that the combined sensitivity of the sensor and larger aperture will give the camera a great advantage in low light. The lens comes with a new hybrid IR filter which most DSLRs and compact digital cameras also have – they filter infrared light which has ill effects on the color accuracy and sharpness of photographs. Add to that facial recognition, and shorter time between photos and you can consider getting rid of your point-and-shoot.
These improvements extend to video as well. It shoots high definition 1080p and has a new image stabilization feature to make the video less shaky.
Swanky New Software
Of all the things this article talks about, iOS 5 is the only thing that your old iPhone will get, and it probably won’t run it as well as the 4S will. Apple is claiming 200 new features in iOS 5 and you’ll have to take their word for it because we’re not counting them for you. Some of those new features include a long-overdue revamped notifications system that functions a lot like Android’s – a discreet swipe down menu that lets you know about messages, invitations, and reminders. There is also iMessage, similar to BBM, allowing you to send instant messages to other iPhone users; twitter integration; photo touchup; Wi-Fi sync.
Your Virtual Butler, Sir
Now we come to what we thing is the most impressive thing about the new iPhone: Siri. Seriously, have you seen video of what this personal assistant can do? It takes voice commands, spoken in normal conversational English and not only translates it into text, but solves problems. It uses almost all of the built-in apps to do things for you – send and read text messages, make calls, set reminders, play music. It talks back - answering questions, looking up queries, making reservations and calendar appointments, and keeping conversations in context so it’s like actually having a conversation with someone reasonably intelligent.
In Case We Didn’t Convince You...
If you’re still on the fence about the iPhone 4S and wondering if you should wait for the iPhone 5 or look around at all the big screen, 4G Android phones, you might want to check out this article that offers a slightly different perspective.

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