Halloween Gadgets and Apps
Seasonal apps are one of the best (and most frivolous) parts of having a smartphone. Since Halloween is coming up soon we thought we’d have a look at some fun gadgets and apps that are appropriate for both adults and kids.

Home Gene-Splicing Kit
(iPhone, iPad)

This is a fun app for messing around with photos and making funny or creepy faces. You can upload and use your own photos or use the ones that come with the app, both human and animal. The latest update is a Halloween Edition that includes monster faces.

Creature Crate

If you’re serious about scaring children (and really, who isn’t?) this is a must have gadget. A box that rattles and jumps, as though the terrifying monster inside is struggling to escape.
Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin
(iPhone, iPad, Android)
This cute interactive story of the only square pumpkin in the pumpkin patch is designed to promote reading in young children by highlighting the words as they are read. It has custom music, background audio and enlarged artwork for each scene.

Ask the Dead

For those of you that can’t bear to use something as low-tech as a Ouija Board, this app will mimic the function of one. Place two fingers on the planchette and start asking questions, or have a guided (who’s guiding?) séance with the local dead.

Devil Case

Nice and subtle, the devil face and ears are just enough to make someone do a double-take.

Scary Ringtones

(iPhone, Android)

Does pretty much what it says on the box. You can set your ringtone to the sound of chainsaws, howling werewolves, witches cackling, and many more.

Carve It!
(iPhone, iPad)

Carve pumpkins with significantly less mess. Designed for children ages 3+ - they can use their fingers to create designs on three different sizes of pumpkins, and then light up a candle inside.

Wireless Mister Fogger

This handy little thing will generate mist and fog for you on-demand. It comes with colorful LED lights and a remote control, so you don’t have to get off the couch to create atmosphere. Now if only there was a remote for handing out candy.

Ghost Capture

Good for pranksters, this will allow you to take a photo with you phone and then superimpose an image of a ghost into that picture. You can choose from many different kinds of ghosts, our personal favorite is the creepy Victorian Children.

Ghost Radar
(iPhone, Android)

Utilizing the sensors on your phone (surely not for their intended use) Ghost Radar can pick up on electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds and translates that into patterns that tell you where ghosts are.

Skullhub USB

Who doesn’t need more USB ports and who doesn’t need a skull to sit on their desk? This does double duty. Tell your coworkers that this is what you do to your enemies.

True Ghost Stories From Around the World

With submissions taken from all over the world, this app collects people’s ghost stories and photos. You can even submit your own.


One of our favorites, because crawling around abandoned sites sounds like a great, safe idea. But if it’s your cup of tea there are hundreds of locations to choose from, all GPS guided: graveyards, amusement parks, hospitals, hotels, ghost towns, ruins, etc.

Zombie Weatherman

This is fun if you don’t want an app you have to launch, but just a nice skin to put you in the Halloween mood. There is nothing that can’t be improved with zombies, and that goes for your weather forecast.

iPhone Hand

While extremely creepy, this case is also completely bewildering. It’s a hand attached to an iPhone case for reasons we cannot begin to fathom. To bring the disturbing factor to an even higher level – you can get it in a child-sized hand as well.

Zombie Booth

(iPhone, iPad, Android )

You can use this to take any portrait and zombify it. Turn your friends and family into zombies without all the mess and death. They will blink, scowl, breathe, and growl.

Cats and Bats

More playful than scary, this iPhone case comes in white, silver and pink.
Witch’s Cauldron
With color-changing LED lights inside, all you have to do is add water and plug the pot into an outlet to get misting. No problematic dry ice needed.
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