How to Get Live TV On-the-Go
Many of us use streaming sites such as Hulu to watch TV from our computer or mobile devices. However, there is often a notable delay from when content airs and when it is uploaded online. If you enjoy watching TV on the go but are disheartened by the lack of real-time content, then perhaps you should look into some live streaming alternatives. Though many of these options require you to keep your cable or satellite provider, they offer the ability to watch live television on the go. If you hate missing breaking news or the latest NFL game, you might want to give one of these services a try.
Watch What’s on Your Home TV, Anywhere
Slingbox is one of the more popular services aimed at live-TV enthusiasts and is also one of the more fully featured. You can stream content that’s on your TV screen to pretty much any mobile device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android phone, Mac or Windows Computer, etc). It even comes with an IR blaster, which acts like a ‘remote’ remote control for devices like cable or satellite boxes, which allows you to browse through your TV as if you were right in front of it. Unfortunately there can be a significant (several seconds) lag when changing channels or performing certain functions. Users say the experience is better (i.e. fewer dropouts) over Wi-Fi but LTE might change that. Different models of Slingbox are available for around $200+ and have no monthly fees. You typically pay around $30 for the app. The only hitch is if someone is watching at home they will have to watch what you’re watching on your mobile device, also only one remote device or computer can be connected at a time.
A “Placeshifting” Slingbox Alternative Called the Vulkano Flow
A company named Monsoon Multimedia offers Slingbox-like products in their Vulkano line of placeshifting devices. For around $100 (half the price of a Slingbox) you can buy a Vulkano Flow Mobile Device on Amazon. It gets very favorable user reviews but also sounds like this young product still has a few kinks to be worked out.

Hauppauge Offers a Free iPad App
If you have a Hauppauge WinTV tuner hooked up to your PC you can have it stream live (or recorded) TV to your iPad using WinTV Extend which costs all of $9.95 on top of what you pay for one of their tuners. It only works with a subset of WinTV tuners so check with the site first.
Xbox Live Cable Streaming
Though Xbox Live already supports a variety of streaming programs such as Hulu Plus and Netflix, they recently announced support for cable streaming (Comcast and Verizon costumers only). Though you still have to keep that pesky cable box, you can stream to different devices much the same way as Slingbox but it’s free (assuming you already own an Xbox).
Apps for Watching Live TV
There are apps you can install on mobile devices that allow you to stream live content over the air. Apps such as NFL Sunday Ticket and CNN provide live content with no delay, though you have to be a customer of a cable or satellite provider (i.e. DirectTV or Comcast). If you’re a Verizon customer with a 4G LTE device you can watch a lot of the games live for free. Check out this article that describes this feature and more. Meanwhile all the cable and satellite providers are all coming up with their own apps:

  • Time Warner for iPad only works in your home, has a limited selection but the app is free.
  • Cablevision Optimum app is free and offers live TV but is limited to home Wi-Fi access
  • Dish Remote Access is a free app and can be used outside of the home but requires a special DVR or Slingbox adaptor.
USB TV Tuners Turn Your Laptop into a Portable TV
For around $50 you can get a small USB tuner for your computer that can pull in HDTV signals over the air that look very good on a laptop or desktop computer screen. The WinTV Aero-M from Hauppauge receives ATSC digital TV broadcasts as well as the ATSC M/H (mobile/handheld) signals that are OTA (over the air) signals optimized for receivers on the go. Aver Media sells a similar device (minus ATSC M/H) called the Hybrid Volar Max TV Tuner which also sells for around $50. For MacBook owners, Elgato offers the EyeTV Hybrid for around $140.
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Cydle i30

Anyone seen anything on this Cydle i30. TV Tuner for your iPhone. It's not out yet. I'd love to know when it's coming out and what it costs.

Why not

Bandwidth, son.


I have to wonder sometimes

I have to wonder sometimes what is the point? Why stream cable to my portable device or laptop. Tv is filled with so many shows I'd rather not watch. When I go out it may be to a place that has sports on tv already, so why bring another tv along?

I'd rather have netflix and watch a movie or tv show that I like and skip all the extra cable fees. We have dish which has been a disappointment and with price increases, doesn't even provide much channel variety and value, mostly shopping channels. Most dish and cable tv subscribers when you chat with them will admit they are paying to much and not really getting much value. It's like a bad habit. With Netflix, even with some recent movies being delayed, it doesn't matter much because there are a ton of old movies and enough series and shows out there to keep me busy watching as much as I'd like.

I more often than not am relieved to get away from the tv which has a bunch of sensationalistic news, and useless shows anyway.