The iPhone is a truly revolutionary product from a design and usability perspectivebut it's not without its flaws. I didn't buy one and maybe this is a way of rationalizing that decision but I recently ran across a few excellent rundowns of some of iPhone shortcomings from some veryknowledgeable technology observers. The List Highlights Despite reassurances that it just takes some "getting used to," the keyboard appears to be the most often mentioned complaint especially for anyone with man-sized hands. The list goes on to include, among many other complaints, inferior camera features, so-so battery life, no third party applications, slow EDGE connections, and on and on. Check Them Out Stewart Alsop,a longtimechronicler of technology, has a long list of observations on his blog. Fred Davis another seasoned, professional journalist and gadget lover has a very comprehensive list on his blog. Coolhunting's Josh Rubin has a somewhat shorter but interesting wish list for the iPhone on his site. Don't forget tostart yoursearch for iPhone infoat retrevo.com

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