The Nook Tablet Takes on the Kindle Fire
The big news this week is the announcement of a new Nook from Barnes & Noble called the Nook Tablet. It’s a $249, 7-inch color tablet that is very similar to the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire. Each tablet has some advantages over the other. The Nook Tablet has more RAM (1GB ) and more storage (16GB) compared to the Kindle Fire’s 512MB of RAM and 8GB of storage. Early hands-on reviews give the performance advantage to the Fire. Amazon also may have an advantage in the content department offering a free book from their new lending library and a month of Amazon Prime which gets you streaming content and fast shipping on Amazon purchases. B&N has teamed up with Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services to provide content. Both devices are priced right to make them popular gifts this holiday season.
Hard Drive Prices Are Going Up
As feared because of severe floods in Thailand, the prices of hard drives have started to rise along with the floodwaters. It’s been reported that 1TB hard dives have jumped as much as 180 percent. With so many products affected could we see a hard drive shortage affect holiday shoppers? Perhaps we’ll see fewer deals on laptops and DVRs.
How to Build a Better Thermostat
For one thing, give the task to the legendary Tony Fadell who brought us the iPod. Fadell gathered a few of his “friends,” formed a company called Nest and created a stunning thermostat that uses state-of-the-art sensors and technology to learn the optimum way to heat or cool your house keeping you comfortable and saving energy at the same time. Only hitch is, at $250 it’s not as cheap as other “ordinary” thermostats.

Digg Founder, Kevin Rose Releases “Oink”
If you have a lot of opinions about things and want to share them with everyone, Kevin Rose has an iPhone app for you. His company called Milk just released Oink for the iPhone that lets you rate things like dishes at restaurants or other things you experience in the course of your day. It’s a little like Yelp meets Foursquare with reviews of more specific items.

Honda Shows Off Latest ASIMO
You may have seen Honda’s ASIMO the robot at a trade show but did you know that it stands for “Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility?” The latest, new and improved ASIMO was on display at the Dubai International Motor Show.

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