Meet “Crystal LED” - Sony’s New Non-OLED
(CES 2012)
This year, at CES, Sony is introducing a 55-inch Crystal LED prototype HDTV, you read that right; Crystal LED… not OLED. Sony is saying that its response time is ten times faster than other LCD TVs and it has 3.5 times the contrast. We’ll be curious to learn more details about this TV as they are made available.
Product Overview (what we know so far)
Panel Size: 55-inch, 1,920 x 1,080 x RGB
Full HD: uses approx. 2 million each of RGB LEDs, a total of around 6 million LEDs
Display Elements: RGB LEDs
Approximately 400 cd/m2
180 Degree Viewing Angle
Power consumption (panel module): Under approximately 70W*2

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