Tesla S Radical Console, World’s Thinnest Smartphone, and More from CES
CES is in full swing and we had time to roam the halls looking for cool stuff to share with you. We found lots of amazing products including a stunning 75-inch LCD TV from Samsung and some beautiful TVs from Sony including a surprisingly, nice looking glasses free TV. Here are some videos of what we saw.
New Windows Phone
From Nokia
The Lumia 900 is a brand new Windows phone from Nokia that has a 4.3-inch OLED display and a polycarbonate shell that is light a rugged even if does feel a bit like a kitchen tool. Seriously, it’s a nice looking phone that should make any Windows Phone enthusiast quite happy.
Tesla S Car Has an
Amazing Console
The $57,000 Tesla S electric car is expected to go on sale this summer. It has an Nvidia powered 17-inch touchscreen display that can show everything from the temperature settings to the front page of the New York Times.
Fujitsu Claims to Have the World’s Thinnest Smartphone
This phone is not available in the U.S. yet but it’s got some impressive characteristics like thinness, lightness, and waterproofness. It’s an Android phone by the way.
Eton Ruckus is a Solar Powered Bluetooth Sound System
It costs $149, will be available in May and is called the Ruckus. It can be charged through its solar panel and can in turn charge USB devices or play music from a device via Bluetooth.
Game Accessory Company Announces a Tablet
Razer is well known in the gaming community and at CES they were showing a prototype of a gaming tablet. They told us it will most likely be powered by an Intel Ivy Bridge processor and run Windows 8.
Pandemonium at
Samsung Booth
The crowds gathered around and every held up their phones and cameras to take photos of the famous Korean song writer and all girls band.
Sony Booth Panorama
The rock group Karmin played a set on the Sony stage while everyone was busy checking out all the cool new stuff from Sony including a new smartphone and some nice looking TVs.
LG Clothes Manager
We must of missed this at last year’s CES but for anyone who wants to give their clothes a quick clean, LG has what they call a clothes styler that is currenty available overseas but not in the U.S. just yet.

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I never had the best experience

I never had the best experience of using steam ironing, probably the drycleaners work best.

Windows Phone From Nokia not

Windows Phone From Nokia not so good.