Fastest Beer and Wine Chiller, Solowheel Gyro-Scooter, Phone Streams 720p and More CES Videos
We’ve been running around the vast CES exhibition trying to make sure we don’t miss any of the great electronics on display. Here is another batch of videos we think you’ll enjoy watching.
Sony Glasses-Free 3D Technology Demo
We talked to TV expert Bruce Berkoff from the LCDTV Association about the autosteroscopic (glasses-free) TV on display at the Sony booth. It’s a 4k display which means the image quality was excellent and the 3D picture quite acceptable.
Sharp Interactive Display
These displays are a bit on the expensive side but we wonder why they aren’t being used more in classrooms.
LG Blast Chiller Refrigerator
This new fridge from LG can chill a bottle of wine in 8 minutes. It has an air filter and lots of room because the ice maker doesn’t take up a lot of room.
Live Stream HD on New LG Spectrum LTE Phone
New LG phone due out soon will stream live 720p video over Verizon’s LTE network. Have to say this phone looks very impressive. We hope it has a good battery.
Bluetooth Enable Music Player for the Shower
This device can be used in the shower to play music from a Bluetooth device.
Looks Like a One Wheel Segway
The Solowheel uses a gyro-controller to speed you around on its single wheel. Unfortunately it costs $1800 but it looks pretty cool.
A Vacuum Cleaner That Follows You Around Like a Puppy Dog
This new vacuum cleaner from LG is motorized and it will follow you around.

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LG Blast Chiller

LG Blast Chiller Refrigerator very cool.


I really like the "31 cubicle" refrigerator that is "circling" cold are throughout. Wait - don't I already work there?