The "Glo" Color-Changing Nightlight
With Portable Glowing Orbs

By Jennifer Jacobson
Imagine a color changing, futuristic-looking lamp that lets you pick up its light-emitting orbs and walk around with them. That's basically what the Boon "Glo" lamp lets you do, only its light-emitting orbs are kid-friendly, they contain no electronics, they're virtually indestructible and they're cool to the touch. Charge the portable Glo orbs on the low-energy L.E.D lamp pedestal and enjoy a lovely soft light. When you turn the lamp off, the Glo orbs will emit a soft glow for thirty minutes, in the color you choose.

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The "Glo" Color-Changing

The "Glo" Color-Changing Nightlight
With Portable Glowing Orbs is the best.

Totally cool!

Those look so fun!