Five Ways to Make Your iPhone a Better Camera
There’s no denying that the new optics in the iPhone 4S are pretty impressive, but sometimes we wish there were more options besides Grid or HDR (multi-photo capture and optimization option). If you’re like us, you’ve no doubt been looking for some fun ways to jazz up your photos. Well, luckily there are many apps and accessories you can use to do this and we picked five of our favorites to share with you.

1. Camera+ ($0.99)
Camera+ is a replacement for the default Camera app and adds a host of new features such as auto-exposure, cropping, and rotation. It includes 15 different lighting scenes and 27 effects, as well as a couple of filters. Though some of these features have been rendered obsolete by the new iOS 5 Camera app (Cropping, Digital Zoom, Tap to Focus), Camera+ still maintains relevancy and is the perfect app for the amateur photographer on the go.

2. TiltShift Generator ($0.99)
Tilt shift photography uses a selective tilt focus to achieve an effect called miniature faking, in which a scene is rendered to look like a miniature-scale model. The TiltShift Generator app allows you to give photos that unique look with ease – all you have to do is take a picture (or use one an existing one) and select the area and intensity of the focus.

3. Joby GorillaPod ($20)
The GorillaPod is the ultimate tripod for the iPhone, allowing great versatility due to its flexible legs, which hold the phone steady on a variety of surfaces. The supports attach to an included case and are quickly removable for convenience. Though it may seem like an rather simple device, it’s a must have for any serious photographer.

Consider a Glif for Your Gorilla Pod
For $30 you can get a package from Studio Neat that includes some clever iPhone mounts. The Glif holds the phone and allows you to attach it to a tripod.  The Ligature adds extra holding power and a small screw and ring (the Serif) can hold it to a key ring.

4. Olloclip ($69)

This accessory attaches to the corner of your iPhone 4/4S and acts like a mini-SLR lens, giving you access to macro, fisheye, and wide-angle optics. It’s been shown to work pretty well and helps expands what you can achieve with a camera phone. Though it’s a tad pricey for an iPhone accessory, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a real SLR macro lens and a good buy for the photographer in each of us.

5. Kogeto Dot ($80)
This unique accessory allows you to shoot true panoramic pictures, by reflecting light around a conical mirror installed in the Kogeto Dot. It yields some fun photos and is capable of breathtaking videos. By purchasing the Dot, you also get access to DotSpots, which allows you to share your panoramic content with all your friends.
Bonus Pick:
iPhone DSLR ($250)
I guess this is for people who REALLY want the professional experience on their iPhone – this accessory allows a full SLR lens to be attached to the phone. Though we didn’t want to include it on the list as manufacturing is currently stalled, this epitomizes what some people wish the iPhone camera could do.

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