9 Useful Things To Do With Your iPod Nano 6th Gen
Apple recently recalled many of the first generation iPod Nanos and if you’ve already sent yours back, you should soon be getting your replacement Nano, the 6th gen, square, clip-on, go anywhere one.

Back when the 1st gen Nanos came out, your phone probably didn’t hold all of your music and you’d never heard of an iPad. Nowadays, you may be wondering what to do with the 6th Gen Nano that Apple has (or will be) sending you. Here are some creative ideas for how to use that extra MP3 player you now have your mitts on.

The Modern Mix Tape

Remember when you used to have a crush on someone and you’d make them a mix tape of songs, hoping they’d fall in love with you? Well, welcome to the digital age. We know it’s a little late for Valentine’s Day, but its never too late to show your love with a Nano, pre-loaded with your favorite love songs. Clip it to a bouquet of flowers if you’re feeling lucky.

Travel Speaker Pillow

Behold, the Neckii, a lightweight little speaker pillow that you can take to the spa, the poolside, or even on a plane.

A Dedicated Music Source for Your Pillow Speaker

Load up your Nano with relaxing music, plug it into this pillow speaker and sleep the whole night through.

Listen to your Audio Books

Tired of your audio books taking up space on your phone or other iPod? Well, put all of your unlistened to audio books on the Nano and listen to them whenever you want.

Sega DreamCast Controller Meets Nano

Still play your Sega DreamCast? Well, here’s a fun way to hold your iPod Nano while you do.

Does Your Chair Have a Dedicated Music Source?

The iChair 2 is only a chair… and a speaker dock… so why not leave your Nano attached to it so you can use your other iDevice for more important things like Tweeting about how awesome you are?

A Musical Gift for the Kids

Move over wind-up-music-box-teddy-bear. There are a variety of cute little speaker-dock/stuffed animals out there. Why not give one to the youngster in your life (complete with iPod Nano)?

Your Musical Road Trip Companion

Face it, these little babies are perfect for road trips. (Photo via Gizmodo)

Watch Ya Lookin’ At?

We thought the people at Incipio made a nice looking iPod Nano friendly watch. Check it out here. If you’re more into the retro-eighties, (and we can appreciate that) you might like a slap watch.
Click Here to Get the Manual for the 6th Gen Nano on Retrevo Now

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Road Trip Companion for my

Road Trip Companion for my little baby is very perfect.