More Cool Gadgets Seen on Kickstarter
If you haven't heard of Kickstarter you owe it to yourself to check it out. If you have an idea for just about anything that needs some funding you can post a "pitch" on kickstarter.com and if the public agrees that it's a worthwhile project they "pledge" money and you're off and running. We check in on Kickstarter on a regular basis and thought we'd share some of the cool things we’ve seen recently.
Solar Charging iPhone Case
The developers of this product describe it as “an aluminum-cut, silicon-dioxide, glass-covered iPhone-casing that is capable of charging and protecting the phone through light sources and inductive power surfaces.” For a pledge of $99 you can get one of these hi-tech solar chargers around the May time frame.
Light Up Your Bicycle Wheels
For a pledge of $200 you can add a set of Revolights to your bicycle. The lights not only make your bike more visible, they shine light on the road in front of you.
Cool New Mini-Speakers and Radio
For a pledge of $99 you could get an early version of one of these good looking Bluetooth speakers and radio. They’ve received almost $1M in funding so far.
Hi-Tech Espresso Machines
They say that a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller provides better temperature control and makes a better cup of espresso. For $200 you can pre-order one of these "engineered" coffee machines.
From The Maker of the TikTok Nano Watchband
The LunaTik stylus is both an ink-based writing pen and a touchpad stylus. For a $30 pledge you get a 2-pack of these cool devices. You don’t have to be crazy to want one of these.
Motorized Skates
These skates add a new dimension to skates. They call then spnKix or "motorized shoes." You’ll need to pledge at least $375 for a pair of these potential new form of transportation. Here they are in action:

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Motorized Skates very Cool

Motorized Skates very Cool Gadget!

Toshiba laptop Satellite L505D-GS6000

This seems to be a great computer for everyday use, but my Logitech wireless mouse has stopped working. I wonder if that co. will replace it?
-J Jones (4-8-12)