Normally Id do a week recap, but today the folks at Woot have 20 new deals, which means among the totally unnecessary, ugly and outrageous gadgets, there must be some legitimately good buys.
poker.jpgExhibit A: Excalibur Plug and Play 6 Player Texas Holdem Poker
For centuries people have complained about the cumbersome weight and size of real-life cards. The inconvenience, how it causes carpal tunnel syndrome. Something must be done, cried card players around the world. Well, my gambling friends, not to fear, an electronic poker version is here. You can only play 10 different games (versus the infinite amount played with regular cards), a TV is required, and, if you purchase one, Woot makes money. So you see, there are no, I mean Many reasons to buy this product. 1050 people agree, clearing out Woots supply in under 2 hours, and making the website over 7,000 bucks.
video fame.jpgExhibit B: ATI Radeon X600SE 128mb PCI Express Video Card
Woot makes a good point with this one. As video games go, its a cheaper, less advanced version, but think of all the things you can do with the money you save. Woot suggests dining on fine, uncooked meat, purchasing a pretty nice stick to beat people with, and hitting up your local strip club. 699 carnivors picked up the item in less than two hours.
phone.jpgExhibit C: Panasonic 5.8Ghz 2-Handset Phone
In the same vein as Exhibit B, Woot offers another cheaper, less advance version of the home phone with this refurbished one. Its a great time waster to think about your phones previous owner, but, as Woot points out, try not to think about it in too much detail. Oh, and definitely, definitely give it a full scrub-down before putting it to use.

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