Five Ways Apple Could Blow it On the Next iPhone
There's no question that Apple's iPhone is still the King of the Hill and for good reasons including everything from the Retina Display to the 600,000 apps in the App Store. Although the iPhone 4S was a nice improvement with a faster processor and new features like Siri, it's now getting some competition from the Android camp with phones like the Galaxy S III and the HTC One X. Rumors about what the next generation iPhone (presumably the iPhone 5) will look like are sparse but that didn't stop our imaginations from running away and creating this list of features we feel could be critical to the competiveness of the next iPhone.
New Dock Connector Yes, we know that there have been compatibility issues with iPhone sizes and dock interchangeability in the past and a new dock standard could be addressed with some sort of adapter but there is a whole industry of aftermarket products from speaker docks to chargers that benefit from a standard docking connector. This is something that we feel Google missed when they didn't specify a standard connector that accessory manufacturers could offer products around. A new iPhone connector standard could create havoc in the Apple ecosystem. The rumor of a new dock connector comes from this article on iLounge
Same Size DisplayThe latest rumors make it sound like the Apple will very likely increase the screen size to 4-inches. Although it's a small step up from 3.5-inches and we hear the increase in size may only come in the vertical dimension we will be very concerned if Apple does not offer a larger display. We understand it's a tough tradeoff between bulk and viewing ability but it appears that consumers like larger displays on their smartphones. Apple could look bad in comparison with smartphones like the 4.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S III. An edge-to-edge (no bezel) 4 -5-inch display would be a step in the right direction for the next Apple iPhone.
No NFCAlthough consumers have been slow to warm up to the idea of a mobile wallet, it's probably going to happen sooner or later. Many of the new Android phones have integrated NFC, the technology that makes contactless payments and mobile wallets possible. Apple may have plans for a proprietary scheme for using an iPhone to pay for a bus fare but we feel it would be a mistake for Apple to bypass this growing standard that is used widely in other parts of the world.
Limited MemoryThe current iPhone 4S has only 512MB of internal memory while its competitors like the Galaxy S III have twice as much with 1GB. Internal memory can make things, especially graphics intensive apps like games run faster and with more memory you can do more multitasking. Apple needs to become less stingy with RAM in the next generation iPhone.
No New Killer Feature

Although Siri may have disappointed some users with its hit or miss performance it was still a very cool feature that made the iPhone 4S very attractive. Apple had better have something very cool in the works to keep the IPhone on the top of the hill and we're not talking about cloud services. The latest rumors mention a very cool 3D mapping feature from a company Apple acquired a little while ago.

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Size is definitely getting to be an issue.

Size is definitely getting to be an issue. I kind of like the idea of an elongated iPhone, since for me a priority is how the phone fits nicely into the palm of my hand. But I am skeptical that it will be of much use since it is normally the width that determines how a webpage fits onto screen with an optimal font size for reading. What I don't get though - does the iPhone really have to come in just one size?

With today's iPhone craze, it is very easy to fall prey to the c

With today's iPhone craze, it is very easy to fall prey to the constant prattle and put it on the highest pedestal. Balanced reviews like these are essential to keep an open, objective mind. Retrevo is a welcome oasis in our commercial desert of independent thought.

New iPhone

Now that Steve Jobs has passed. It is time for Apple to get on the Flash band wagon. I don't know how many times I can not read an e-mail that has Flash images.

The Droid does do better

The Droid does do better than the iphone in some ares. But apps are free, and the maps are better. So the iphone is a little easier to use. What more important to you ?

So Biased

"IPhone 4S is still at the top of the hill, no question" seriously!? There are definitely better phones than the iPhone right now.


Yeah it's called Nokia

Yeah it's called Nokia

Why wasn't not having 4G not

Why wasn't not having 4G not on the list, too obvious or is there a chance that it won't actually have 4G?


Smart phones

I'm old school. I do not give a flying rats' ass to even own a phone I cannot operate. Im happy with my Beam Me Up Scotty flip phone. All the techno junkies would be better off getting out into the real world

old school?

stop giving us grey-tops a bad rep. I'm pushing 70 and wouldn't want to live without my iPhone. yes, of course, it's a phone: now my only phone. who needs a land line now? I use it for reading lots and lots of books (2.5 hours/day commuting time!) without having to carry any heavy books. I use pub-trans apps to determine which bus/streetcar will be coming next so I'm sure to be waiting on the right corner. I use it to find new restaurants wherever I happen to find myself ready to eat. with my home wi-fi I watch net-flix. I show friends images of my recent graphic design work and pix of my grandsons. it's all easy to do it all lives in a small pocket in my purse... and ok, I also play tiny wings sometimes.

Get with the times

Don't knock something you haven't tried. Yes, if all you need is a phone then the flip phone is fine. But if you want to ever really enjoy a phone that goes on the Internet and play games for all ages (my 75 year old grandmother loves wordster) the maybe you should try it. Especially a iPhone. They are very user friendly. But at least try it first before you knock it.

Bigger Screen - PASS

I have had the Droid X and Thunderbolt. The iPhone 4S is easier to see. Clear is better than big. I don't carry a wallet, Keyrings, pockets full of change, AND I'm not carrying a 2# phone that is as big as my IPAD.

Clear my Arse

I just recently ditched the Iphone 4G for a Thunderbolt and while the Thunderbolt is not my favorite phone, the large screen is much more vibrant than my 4g ever was. I consistently found myself enlarging the page/picture/map on the iphone to see what I was trying to do but, on the Tbolt I rarely have to do this. Almost everything I view on the Tbolt is vibrant and is it is not necessary to "enhance". The small screen on the Iphone makes it feel and look like a "Toy"!

Sure if you like carting

Sure if you like carting around a net book lol

4g iPhone? Really.

You don't have a 4g iPhone.

4g iPhone? Really.

You don't have a 4g iPhone.


good grief, how can you be SOOO BIASed, the iphone 4s is running a poor 3rd and is going to fall even further behing soon

iPhone Rumors

It was inevitable that once Steve Jobs was gone, entropy would raise its ugly head.

We read that first from a former Apple employee that management had allowed deviations from Jobs GUI standards. And we saw it again with a Final Cut Pro update whose data wasn't compatible with past versions.

If the reported new iPhone changes are true, it will confirm that Steve Jobs' standards are passe.

If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

Bigger? No!

Its gotta fit in my pocket.
No way would I buy a phone bigger than the 4s.


I'm not very excited about

I'm not very excited about having a larger phone either. The compact design is part of the allure. A friend of mine has a droid X, I would hate to lug that hunk of crap around on a daily basis.


I dare say the droid X is

I dare say the droid X is not a piece of crap. I'm a huge apple fan but wouldn't bash the competition. There are a lot of things you can do with a droid that apple will not be able to do.



a bigger screen equals a bigger phone

I'm with you on that. I was checking out the other phones and they are huge. Someone actually gave me a Samsung Galaxy and I can barely hold onto it.



WIMP! - grow bigger hands.

WIMP! - grow bigger hands.


Wimp! - grow bigger hands.

Wimp! - grow bigger hands.

bigger hands

I hear there's an App for that. ;-)