Cool Stuff from Bay Area Maker Faire
Maker Faire is an amazing collection of do-it-yourselfers and other technologists who come together in the San Francisco Bay Area once a year to share their projects. This year's Faire was bigger and more popular than ever. Here are some cool videos we found that are associated with the Faire:
Design Team From Famous Studio Shows Some Fun Stuff

Frog Design studio is a legendary design company in the Bay Area. Some folks from the studio put together an interactive stationary bike game inspired by the movie Tron and a clever "board" game based on Hasbro's Connect Four.

Whiz Kids Make a Flight Simulator

A group of high schools kids (with a little help from their dads) put together an amazing flight simulator using an old airplane cockpit, computer screens and lots more tech.

Here's the Viper in Action (sort of)

Pedal Cars from the Unicom Club

They call themselves the "Fun Unicom Club" and they put together some fun pedal cars inspired by some old pedal cars from circa 1910.

Tesla Coils Create Some Electricity at the Faire

Tesla coils performances created a big jolt of excitement at the Faire. Here's a video of some volunteers safely situated in a metal cage.

MakerBot TV Takes Your on a Tour of the Faire

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well i think all the 7 opportunities are good for the old i-pad selling, and we can use all of them any where.

game innovation..

Wau..some of the things here are really innovative and creative!
I have been playing computer game for a decade..hope to experience the real World some days.


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