New Features in iOS 6 Are Cool, But...
The wave of new product announcements at Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) has come and gone. We got an amazing albeit expensive new MacBook Pro, a new version of the Mac OS, and some very cool new features in a new iPhone/iPad OS in version 6. Here are some of the new iOS 6 features we found the most impressive along with a few reasons they may not be quite as sensational as Apple would leave you to believe.
Apple Declares Map War on GoogleApple has decided to take on Google with an all-out map wars. Instead of Google maps on Apple devices you'll soon be presented with Apple maps. Part of the new maps will be 3D flyovers and turn-by-turn navigation. As cool as these new mapping features sound some of them have been available on Android phones for some time as well as third party apps and according to a recent Google announcement, we can expect some of the same 3D mapping on Android very soon. We welcome a map war as the consumer will be the ultimate winner.
More Questions for Siri to Get WrongAlthough we've haven't been overwhelmed by Siri in the past with its hit or miss performance and almost comical interpretations of our questions, Apple continues to enhance it and promote it as a big part of iOS 6. You'll soon be able to use Siri to launch apps, get lots of information about movies including showtimes and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, make restaurant reservations using OpenTable, check sports scores, send a tweet or update your Facebook page. This is all great but Siri is still going to have to understand the question in the first place which in our experience has been very hit or miss.
Custom Vibrations Was in iOS 5It's a cool feature, being able to feel a different vibration for different alerts but this feature was introduced in iOS 5 despite being buried in Accessibility settings. No details yet, that we've seen that describe what's new about this feature in iOS 6.
FaceTime Over Cellular; How Much Will Carriers Charge?FaceTime, the iPhone-to-iPhone video call service had been limited to working over Wi-Fi. With iOS 6 you'll be able to use FaceTime over cellular networks however, so far the carriers have not been forthcoming about how they'll support it and how much it could add to your monthly bill.
Do Not Disturb But Anyone Can Get ThroughThis could be a handy feature; when toggled on, push notifications are muted and the screen doesn't light up. You can add important numbers to a whitelist so certain callers get through. However, anyone can break through the gate by calling more than once however, as a commenter below pointed out you can disable this and not allow anyone through.
Passbook is Cool But No Word on NFCThe Passbook feature in iOS 6 is pretty handy. You can combine all your tickets, passes, coupons or other mobile wallet-type items in one easy-to-find place on your iOS device. We hope that this is a prelude to Apple announcing support for the leading mobile wallet standard, NFC in the next iPhone and hope they don't choose a new proprietary standard like they are fond of doing.

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MapQuest was better

Up until the recent update, Mapquest was the better nav app on iPhone. It is still better at keeping up with real time distances and direction, but you used to be able to silence the voice guidance easily. Now I have yet to find the button to disable that annoying bitch voice, as it nags rather than guides. Within 50 yards of a turn you get 3 or more voice prompts for the same direction. What was once the best nav app is not worth the trouble.

Silence the voice guidance on Mapquest

If you don't like the voice, all you have to do is turn down the volume.

The problem is if you have

The problem is if you have your phone hooked up to your car stereo via bluetooth and listening to music, it gets pretty annoying with the voice guided navigation as it interrupts the music.

I have Siri completely turned off but still she speaks through the Maps navigation. This is in iOS6. I really hope the add the ability to turn off voice guided navigations.