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Leap Motion May Be a Gesture Game Changer

We've mentioned this new technology from Leap Motion but we think it's so cool and such a potential game changer for anything from television interface to laptops or tablets that we thought you’d want to see another video on it.

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This could be the Windows 8

This could be the Windows 8 killer app/device (are you listening Microsoft). Make the Metro (can I still call it that) gesture based interface truely usable on a non-tablet device.

Very cool!! Where can I buy some stock. ;-)

Physically impaired

This would be a great everyday interface for folks with a very limited range of motion. Current adaptive devices for the handicapped are generally very slow but this may really enable some folks to be fully engaged.

Virtual space intervention

Hmmm. I'm thinking of what I can do with this technology. Show how to use tools: proper slicing of tomatoes. How to operate on a brain. Maybe I can swim with the sharks.
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