How Will the iPhone 5 Compare to the Galaxy S III?
The recently released, Samsung Galaxy S III is considered by many to be one of the top competitors to the iPhone. With more details emerging about the rumored iPhone 5 we thought we'd look at the current features of the Galaxy S3 verses the speculation on the iPhone 5.
Screen Size MattersThe Galaxy S III has one of the most impressive displays in the smartphone market with its 4.8-inch Super AMOLED, 1280 x 720, 313ppi screens. Apple has stubbornly hung onto the older 4:3 aspect ratio (same as your old CRT TV) in all its mobile devices however the word on the new iPhone display is a 4 –inch, 1136 x 640, 16:9 "widescreen" aspect ratio, Retina display. While the new iPhone display is not quite as expansive as the 4.8-inch Galaxy display it's a step in the right direction and the fact that the width remains the same will still make the iPhone easy to use with one hand and type on with one thumb.
What's Under the Hood?The Galaxy S III is powered by Samsung's quad-core Exynos ARM processor running at 1.4 GHz with 1GB of RAM. The current iPhone 4S runs an Apple A5 processor which is based on ARM's Cortex A9. The new iPad runs off a dual-core A5X. So the big question is what will power the iPhone 5? Is there a quad-core A6 being prepped to take over for the A5 allowing it to compete in the "core wars" with the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3, Qualcomm Snapdragon or Samsung Exynos 4 Series processors? Some say there's a good possibility that Apple may build into the iPhone 5 a Samsung produced processor possibly even a modified version of the Exynos 4 which would be odd considering how the two companies are currently wrestling with each other over patent issues. Whatever CPU Apple decides to use, a large part of the processing power will be contributed by the quad-core GPU (graphics engine) as it is in the new iPad. We don't see any reason why Apple won't emphasize graphics horsepower with its new, higher resolution display.
Assault on BatteryWe know that Apple puts a lot of money and resources into developing its battery technology and it shows. Not only do Apple products have respectable battery lives they recharge faster than all our other devices. The only drawback is you can't replace them. Samsung competes in this department on a few levels. First their battery is rated higher at 2100mAh vs. 1420mAh on the iPhone 4S and the rumored 1430mAh on the iPhone 5. Second, Samsung's AMOLED display may have an advantage over Apple's LCD screen in that an AMOLED doesn't need a backlight and screens with a lot of white on black backgrounds use less power because black pixels don't use power unlike an LCD screen that back lights the whole screen. Third, you can replace the battery on the Galaxy S III and you can't on the iPhone 4S and almost certainly won't be able to on the iPhone 5. We have little to go on concerning new battery technology in an iPhone 5 but so far users are pretty happy with the 8 hours of heavy use they are seeing on their Galaxy S IIIs.
Connectivity CountsWith more data moving in and out of the cloud and media being streamed over Wi-Fi and 4G LTE networks the need for a lot of connectors may not be as great in future devices. In the meantime, we're pretty certain Apple will offer 4G LTE in the iPhone 5 possibly using some new chips from Qualcomm that combine 3G (still necessary for voice and text) and 4G (for data only) in a single chip that may increase performance and battery life. On the other hand, the Galaxy S III offers all kinds of connectivity that the iPhone 5 almost certainly won't including an HDMI port for hooking up to an HDTV set, a microUSB port for moving data and charging the phone and a microSD card slot for adding lots of extra storage for cheap as well as moving data around by moving the card around. Of course Apple has AirPlay for moving media around but then Samsung has DLNA and AllShare which is nice but not as slick as AirPlay. The good news for consumers is that there is a good chance the iPhone 5 will include NFC and when that happens, NFC, which is already in the Galaxy S III should take off, big time (remember, you heard it here first).
Design and DocksMost rumors now agree that aside from some subtle design changes, and a larger screen, the iPhone 5 will look almost identical to the iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S III, although highly rated on features and performance hasn't appeared to be bowling anyone over in the design departments with its extra large plastic case. Another seemingly reliable rumor has the iPhone 5 coming with a new 19-pin connector. There have been so many accessories and aftermarket products built around the old 30-pin connector it's going to be interesting to see how the new connector is received. It's interesting that Apple has chosen to disrupt one of the areas where they have commanded a huge advantage over Android phones which don't have anything like a standard dock connector and hence never developed the huge add-on market that helped contribute to iPhone's success; oh well….this will be interesting to watch.
Apps and Operating SystemWe're all pretty familiar by now with all the cool new features of iOS 6 and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and although Apple may have an edge in the sheer number of iPhone apps over Android, the big question is when will the Samsung Galaxy S III get an upgrade to Jelly Bean?
Conclusion: The iPhone May No Longer Be the Best Smartphone…But Wait a Couple of MonthsIn the latest quarterly report, Apple disappointed analysts who were expecting even more revenue from Apple. The most commonly heard explanation for the lower sales numbers (only 26 million iPhones) is the possibility that consumers are waiting for the next generation iPhone. The fact is that Apple is indeed overdue for an iPhone update and it really shows when you compare an iPhone 4S to the Samsung Galaxy S III. The big question in our minds is will the iPhone 5 have enough to overcome the challenge from Android phones like the Galaxy S III or the HTC One X or even Windows 8 phones due out this fall? What do you think?

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Thanks for.

Thanks for.

At last, an iPhone with a bigger screen!

Well, I'm not an apple fan, for me apple products are too restrictive, and don't like restrictions, specially when I empty my pockets to buy their products. One more thing I don't like about the iPhone is the size, I'm a guy with big hands and fingers , and for me the iPhone is not suitable for guy's hands, is more for girly/ feminine hands

I Phones are marketed with women in mind,for now

I dont think there is anything wrong with going for the female market .I can't use tiny little buttons etc with my big lumox hands . I like Samsung ,I think of Fashion when I think of iphones etc and its great to spend the extra if you have it .I think that everything is directed towards a certain type of people .

iPhone Question

Do you know if one will be able to make a phone call on the iPhone 5 without getting at least 6 dropped calls a day??????

I agree

I AGREE 1000%............I drop at least 6 calls a day and apple said come on it and exchanged it for a brand new one. Guess what??? STILL drops 6 calls a day every single day. Of all the things apple needs to fix this is the break or make deal for me to buy another apple phone............SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!!

Dropped Call

Ditto. Get rid of AT&T and switch to Verizon. I have never had a dropped call since I switched.


Get rid of AT&T and get

Get rid of AT&T and get Verizon.

If it ain't broke...

While I am currently a Android user, I think Apple would be foolish to change anything about the iPhone other than the guts and software of the phone. Screen size, while nice cannot trump the overall compatability that makes the Apple line of products shine. You upgrade your phone, but you can still use the same dock, case, and still have the same integration with iTunes, Apple TV, etc? Sounds pretty good to me. Messing with the 30-pin connector is just going to create a rash of 30-to-19 pin adapters that Apple enthusiasts have to go out and buy. As well, messing with the size of the phone is just going to irk all the iPhone devotees that went out and bought the amazing line of cases (Tek for instance) that are available.

why pay for a name

My Evo 4g LTE and my Wifes Samsung Galaxy S III does just as much as any IPhone and cost us less than an Apple why buy the name its a rip-off

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Why pay More?

Well, if you can't afford it, then don't buy it... but for the millions of us using Apple platforms for our desk top, and portable computing devices, it's a no-brainer why you wouldn't want the connectivity that is unmatched anywhere else.

So stick with that EVO, which is a very nice phone. I had one-- temporarily -- until the latest iPhone came out.

There are no absolutes "Anonymous!" "Apple" is much, much more than just a name. lol

nice reply but you have said

nice reply but you have said nothing..... the argumentation is you show evidence of the advantage of your Apple, but you're answer is "much more than a name"..."connectivity that is unmatched".... hahaha... well anyone can say that.... good answer for a no-brainer



Anti-Apple for a reason

I think the main reason people like their phone over the other is they dont wan't to be wrong. I can remember back before Apple switched to Intel processors, there was arguments over the clock speed and how Apple isn't worth it because the clock speed was lower on PowerPCs. Like whatever you like, but why argue? Is it to convince another person to buy the phone you have or is it to convince yourself you made the right choice? I buy Apple and I made the right choice, for myself.


Your comments

It is called 'freedom of choice my friend, otherwise we there would be only one product set for everything.

oh.. it's freedom of

oh.. it's freedom of choice... so if your father choose to die by jumping off the building, you just let him jump... well it's his freedom of choice...hahaha

oh.. it's freedom of

oh.. it's freedom of choice... so if your father choose to die by jumping off the building, you just let him jump... well it's his freedom of choice...hahaha


So... you don't know anything either, do you?

More conjecture and dissection of imaginary points of interest. Thanks. Like there isn't already an ocean of this very same tripe all over the internet.

There's 5.7 minutes of my life I'll never get back.



I-Phone Out of Touch

UNTIL the I-Phone allows you to swap batteries easily like I can my Captivate (I bought a 3,800 Ma battery and extra deep back for $8) I will not own one. Also, it MUST accept a micro-SD card!

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iPhone 5 ? vs. Galaxy S III

The speculation is amusing -- we really will not know until the new iPhone comes out, will we?

I have an old iPhone 3GS -- it has served me well. I did not see enough good stuff to make it worth my while to upgrade to either the 4 or 4S but am thinking that with the new iPhone, it may be time. I am not seriously thinking of changing platforms. I have a lot of music on my little iPhone (even more on my iPad) and would not like to repeat either the process or the expense of getting it onto a new platform. That is true to a certain extent with the apps also. I suspect that my wife may take on my iPhone when I upgrade -- she currently has a dumb phone. I will slightly change the music selection for her and she will also use it with phones to play music at times (when some would use an iPod).

It took me a long time to go with Apple (the 3GS was my first Apple product) there were no significant apps with my old windows phone to consider. Now that I am there, unless Apple does something egregious to their phone product or goes out of business, I will probably stay for a while. Nothing is necessarily forever, but there is a bit of inertia now against changing.

. . . . T.

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I agree

I have had the same iPhone 3GS for several years and I love it. It took me a long time to give Apple products a try but I am now a convert! I doubt I'll upgrade until my current phone dies but when that happens, I will consider an Apple product first. Samsung may have a great product but I'm just very satisfied with my iPhone.

Apple, The New Nokia?

When I first heard about the SIII, and seen the first pics, my jaw dropped. My gut is telling me this won't happen again with any other phone, be it Samsung, Apple, Nokia or what have you... I still can't afford an SIII and will probably buy a used one a couple of years from now... That is, unless I can buy a better one still, for new, but at a mere 25% of what I'd have to pay now for an SIII. And that's what I believe we'll see in a couple of years from now: cheap, SIII-like phones from brands we' haven't yet heard of. The margins that Apple, Samsung, and whoever is there at third are currently enjoying will evaporate. It was said. By me.


iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III

Seems to me that the only difference may be in loyalty. And Apple fans are fiercely loyal. But where the line is drawn by most loyalists to any product and/or service today is in how that product/service returns the loyal consumers. And if Apple ever stumbles at this overwhelmingly important ingredient, it will tumble from the giddy heights it now enjoys.

Be careful Apple. Do not stray from Steve Jobs ideals. Mind your manners. And most of all, listen carefully to us your customers, because we are your bread and butter. When we say we don't like something, do not tell us we don't matter.

We don't like the foretold drastic change, for example, to a "mini-port". That won't work with our existing multiple excesseries. What ARE you thinking?

Apple Loyalty

Although I have been a "loyal" Apple computer consumer for 2 decades, I have no such feelings for their phones.
A phone is a phone, and clearly, there are better options out there....removeable battery and smart card for example.



Samsung vs iPhone

Had the iPhone 3GS and 4S then I got the Galaxy Skyrocket and now the Note.

I would Never go back to the iPhone for many reasons. iPhone is too simplistic and does not give me the control I want and like.

The Note is My perfect phone. Love it!!!

The iPhone is probably good for many especially those that want it simple and the things it does and does well suits them.

At this point I'm not sure what Samsung could do to improve on the Note. The 5.3" screen is awesome.

I live apple free and love it!!

galaxy note

I totally agree I have a note and think its the best phone ever but could you tell me why does the server not take you to the page you left off at and clears browse history? Could you help me with that?

I am still back at the

I am still back at the iPhone 3Gs stage. It is a love/hate relationship with Apple (the Fruit Computer Company). I love the interface and the number of Apps available, but I am really pissed at how arrogant they are thinking that the things like Adobe Flash and Android apps such as Canon Camera control are something we as Fruit Computer users don't need. As a consumer, it should be the customer saying this is what I want, instead of Apple saying this is what you will get and you MUST be happy that we are so honored to give it to you. I was wanting an iPad 3 or what these idiots call the "New iPad"- whatever that is (next version is the Newer iPad????), but as much as I HATE the Android interface, I am not sure if there is much choice (or future) staying with Fruit Computer OS 6xx

How Will the iPhone 5 Compare to the Galaxy S III?

Who cares? Unless you must satisfy your ego by spending lots of money on the "latest and greatest", the differences between the two are not readily apparent. If you spend every waking hour doing things on your phone "because you can" then get a life. How bout wondering about something important, like the destruction of the US economy.

Get a life... ?

Ummm, you just read all of this and THEN even commented. How much of your "life" have you just spent... that you can never get back?

I read about the destruction

I read about the destruction of the US economy on my smartphone, because I can.


Bravo! Well said.

Bravo! Well said.

Galaxy S3

The Galaxy S3 has 2gigs of ram and its at 1.5 for the processor.

Be sure you have your broom

Be sure you have your broom handy when you drop your little Galaxy: a fire extinguisher will come in handy too.


wtf ?

Type iphone vs galaxy drop test and get accurate. Oh yeah, search for galaxy fire hoax while you're at it. If you don't eat your words, I have some Nigeria money to send you if you just help me out. Email for details dumbass

Right. Because the iPhones

Right. Because the iPhones screen and back never break. I own the SIII and its contruction is solid. I also dont need a case thats an inch thick to protect it

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