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Speed Flying Mont Blanc

Here's a belated Father's Day treat for dangerous sports enthusiasts. It made us nervous just watching these "speed fliers" descend Mont Blanc.

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Thanks and appreciation!

Hello awesome sky ski team!

Loved your descent of Mont Blanc. I love to ski. I love to skydive.

Went to Aiglon College in Villars, Suisse.

Skydive at SkyDance in Davis California, Skydive Monterey Bay and Skydive Hollister.

I could feel your pleasure and you glidded down the face of this earth at Mont Blanc.

C'est manifique!

Merci Beaucoup!

Michael Fell

Mont-Blanc Flying Video

I love retrevo.com because you never know what will turn up.

This is an absolutely transporting experience!

The grandeur of this time-honored mountain is so clearly explored
while following the intrepid flyers. I am (nearly) speechless. My
French blood is very alive watching such beauty and courage.

You have also introduced me to VIMEO. Whoa, Nellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am undone with JOY!

Thank you, merci beacoup, grazie!
Have a great day!