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First Look at the Sony SmartWatch 2

With the rumored Apple iWatch waiting in the wings, here’s a glimpse of the latest smartwatch from Sony from our friends at BGR.

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sony watch

The guy sounds like he is from Dell help line customer service, no disrespect i was very excited but i really did not understand so that kill my intrest in your product untill i can get more information i can understand on it but good effort just not there YET!

First Look at the Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony has been struggling with its TV and VIAO laptop market. They have lost its cellphone market and now they are building a smart watch. Will they succeed? Chances are a BIG NO.

SmartWatch II video

What did he say? I just speak Southern, and I can't listen that fast.

I no understand

He sounds like the tech from India that works for dells help line I think his name is BIFF!!!

Nah, that Brad

Nah, that is Brad, I would know that hand woven accent anywhere
can't read any of the captcha either, they are more like 'gotcha's or 'fukyas'

Poor English

I guess the market Sony intends to manipulate is not North American? I don't get it. I couldn't understand a word he said.

If you guys can't understand

If you guys can't understand the speaker, you're probably not ready to tell time either.

Lousy Presentation delivery.

Very poor presentation delivery. NOT consumer friendly at all.