This is not a comprehensive list of cool products from the CES floor, just the ones that I came across in last three days in my miles and miles of walking. I know I have still missed many sections on the show floor. You can just imagine the scalewhen there are2700 exhibitors showing off 20,000 odd products :-).

  1. Highest resolutioncompact consumer grade camera I saw: A Taiwenese company called Premier Image Technology OEMs its digital imaging products to brand-name consumer electronics manufacturers (they refused to name them). They showed off a really cool 12.1 megapixel digital camera and it was pretty compact and had a nice feel. Leave alone the argument "does it matter beyond 4-5 MP", this was cool nevertheless. Sorry, no public information available on this product as it is not sold directly to consumers. Keep your eyes and ears open for annoucements in the summer from brand manufacturers.
  2. IMG_0112.jpg

  3. A frequent flyer's dream laptop: Many manufacturers solve the problem of weight, sizeand battery life on laptops for business travelers. Here is a laptop, funbook VM from a Taiwenesemanufacturer Dialogue. But this can fit in cramped and awkward spaces easily: slide the screen across, move it vertically and over the keyboard.3 degrees of motion make this laptopreally fun.At 3.6 lb, 1" thickness, 12.1" screen, 1280x768 widescreen panel, 1.66 GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, fingerprint reader, 802.11 a/b/g Wifi (and a built-in GSM/GPRS/EDGE radio in works), Bluetooth 2.0, a dual layer DVD write and you get the idea. Sorry, no date for availability and pricing but I want this one if it can be proven reliable :-).
  4. P1090004.JPG P1090005.JPG P1090003.JPG

  5. Protect your memory: It has become common place for people to carry memory around with their digital imaging and mobile products. A consumer product marketing company, Gepe makes a memory case called Card Safe that can store up to 4 memory cards (SD, compact etc).Marketing claim is that you can roll a truck over the case and nothing is gonaa happen to the case or the memory.
  6. IMG_0141.jpg

  7. A tripod for video enthusiasts on a go: This is a slick tripod for cameras and camcorders for imaging and video enthusiasts. You can easily extend it out and shoot your own pictures and movies or use it as a regular tripod with attachable legs. And it is made of poly carbonate (read extremely light). The size? Just a little longer than a dollar bill and may be a couple of inches thick once collapsed. Expected to cost $25-$30 when shipped here. Still very limited information is available on this product so keep your eyes and ears open and visit Retrevo often :).
  8. IMG_0154.jpg IMG_0148.jpg IMG_0149.jpg

  9. And a receiver to go with all your HD: How can I conclude without an A/V receiver. Here is a consumer-grade A/V receiver to handle all your latest 1080p layers and display devices (using HDMI ports of course). And it will even upconvert your standard def stuff into high def (720p and 1080i only, I wish it upconverted to 1080p but this is still pretty good for most consumers). Pioneer is not the only manufacturer shipping this kind of product, other A/V guys, Yamaha, Denon, H/K and Onkyo are fairly competitive but I love this stuff so here it is.
  10. Pioneer-Elite-BDP-HD1.jpg

So here it is folks. I will be back in next couple of days with my summary of major trends that I liked here at CES.

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