More Gadgets for Moms and Non-Moms Too

We’re going to keep the Momentum (ugh) going with our gadget gift guides and suggest a few more great gadgets that any Mother or gadget-loving woman would want to own.

Stylish Laptops

There’s a new class of laptop called a UMPC or ultra mobile PC that might be just the right size to fit in a pocket book, fashion bag, briefcase, or even coat pocket. These devices are smaller than a laptop and bigger than a smart phone. They offer a reasonable internet platform for browsing and messaging. One of the more popular UMPCs comes from ASUS. The Eee PC has a 7 inch, 800 x 480 pixel display, and built-in camera. It weighs a mere 2 lbs, comes in colors, and costs around $400. The Linux version has been out for a little while and a Windows XP version which makes things like the built-in camera work better, is about to go on sale.

The laptop designers at Apple think a laptop can never be too thin as evidenced by the MacBook Air. It weighs 3 lbs, has a 13.3 inch LCD display with LED backlight that makes for a super crisp display with deep blacks. It’s not as petite as the ASUS Eee PC and at $1799, not as cheap either. The iLife apps for creativity and organizing your life are some of the best set of utilities around.

Asus Eee PC
Apple Macbook Air
Asus Eee PC Apple MacBook Air

Cool Cell Phones

Our first reaction is to recommend the king or should we say queen of smart phones, Apple’s iPhone. No doubt it’s a revolutionary product with the coolest interface and styling however, we hear more and more griping from owners who complain about minor annoyances like no search or copy and paste functions. The rumor is a new version is in the works that may address some of those complaints. At $399 for an 8 GB version, it’s still the sexiest smart phone on the market even with its shortcomings. Another good choice for a good all around smart phone is the Blackberry Pearl. It’s very enterprise-friendly for the career woman and has some nice multimedia features for viewing pictures and videos or listening to music or podcasts. It comes in different colors and costs around $350. Samsung’s BlackJack II comes in a very tasteful burgundy or wine color. It supports high speed 3G networking and runs the latest version of Windows Mobile. You can get one for free with a plan and a rebate.

For an added touch of elegance to any Bluetooth enabled cell phone check out this brand new headset from Plantronics. The Discovery 925 looks like a piece of jewelry. It's light weight and uses the latest noise-control technology from Plantronics. It comes in colors and costs around $129.

Apple iPhone
Blackberry Pearl 8120
Samsung BlackJack II
Plantronics Discovery 925
Apple iPhone Blackberry Pearl Samsung BlackJack II Plantronics Discovery 925

Camcorders That Fit in a Pocket or Pocketbook

One of the most popular video camcorders on the market is the Flip Video Ultra Series. It stores 60 minutes of video on a pocket-sized camcorder. They make it very easy to get videos off the camcorder and up to YouTube. Users give this $150 camcorder high marks. If you don’t flip over the Flip you can take a look at the Aiptek A-HD 720P camcorder that is also very portable and pocketable. It takes 5 MP pictures or 720P high definition video for under $150.

Flip Video Ultra
Aiptek A-HD
Flip Video Ultra Aiptek A-HD

Small and Easy to Use Digital Cameras

Digital cameras continue to add features that make it harder to take a bad picture. Face technology that optimizes the picture around flesh tones and faces, and optical image stabilization that calms a shaky camera are two essential features in a compact, point and shoot camera. The Canon SD1100 fits easily in a pocket or pocket book, offers 8 MP, image stabilization and new face technology. It comes in many colors and can be purchased for under $250. The $300, 12.1 MP Nikon CoolPix P5100 also has optical image stabilization to eliminate fuzzy pictures as well as a big 2.5 inch LCD screen, and 3.5x optical zoom.

Canon SD1100
Nikon CoolPix P5100
Canon SD1100 Nikon CoolPix P5100

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your Mom, shopping for consumer electronics products, or need help figuring out how to use your brand new gadget, you’ll find reviews and manuals for all popular gear and gadgets like GPS, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Cell Phones, Laptops, and more from manufacturers like Sony, Garmin, Panasonic, Toshiba, and more.

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