Who can complain about the mood of consumers nowadays. The tech bust of 2000 feels ordinary compared to the financial mess we have got ourselves into. Tech seems like a safe haven this time around with corporations carrying strong balance sheets. Yes, financial sector has a reason to be concerned about (thank goodness, retirement accounts, insurance policies and now the money market accounts are not that vulnerable). And now it is official; retail sector has a reason to be worried about. TNS report just came out forecasting just 1.5% growth in retail sales this holiday season - the lowest since 1991 when retail sales grew just 1.2% in the holiday 4th quarter.

But wait! The same report also says that consumer electronics holiday sales will grow at 4% with online channel expected to grow at a healthy 9% this holiday quarter. Woohoooo! I love my gadgets and the forecast shows that technology has become an integral part of our lives. Not a luxury but a necessity. So where are we going to spend money? Among other things, we expect HDTVs to continue the upward momentum. Other home entertainment categories should show a strong growth as prices of Blu-ray, HD-capable audio/video receivers etc come down to a point where the masses can afford them. And yes, slowing econoly and (still) high travel costs will make us glued to our computers and HDTVs more than ever.

One thing is for sure though. We will research more and we will look for good values more. Well, this is what Retrevo aims to continue to offer to consumers. Retrevo's product advisor is the only tool out there that helps everyday shoppers find good values in every consumer electronics category that you might care about this holiday season. For example, check out Retrevo's HDTV product advisor that tells you that you can have a 50" 720p Plasma HDTV for less than a thousand bucks. This TV is not only a good value but is also rated highly by both experts and consumers. Now that's a real deal.

So whether you trust our lawmakers and regulators in helping you get through the financial mess or not, you can trust Retrevo to help you get through the holiday season with some cheer while saving you money at the same time. Now that's a bright light in an otherwise gloomy outlook!

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