New and Cool for September

This week's New and Cool features a super light laptop, a new cell phone from Sony Ericcson and more.

Super Thin and Light Laptop from Toshiba

Toshiba Dynabook

Due to the overwhelming success of the MacBook Air (not), Toshiba is following HP’s Voodoo Envy 133 with a laptop called the Dynabook SS RX2 in Japan market. It has a 12.1 inch display (MacBook Air has a 13.3 inch display) and weighs 858 grams (1.9 lbs) compared to the Air’s 1.3 kg (3 lbs). It’s 19.6 mm thick (Air is 1.9 cm at thickest, .4 cm at thinnest) and claims 12.5 hours battery life. Pricing hasn’t been announced.

Match Type: Style Conscious Road Warrior

Sony Ericcson YouTube Phone

Sony Ericsson G705 Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson is getting its share of cellphone buzz with some impressive early reviews of the Xperia 1 super slider smartphone and the 8.1 MP C905 camera phone. The new Sony Ericsson G705 vertical slider is one of the first Sony Ericsson phones to take advantage of a partnership with Google that makes it easy to upload videos from the phone to YouTube. It will be available in the U.S. in early 2009.

Match Type: Busy Tech Enthusiasts

HTC Touch 3G

HTC Touch 3G
With its iPhone-like, 3D interface the new HTC Touch 3G is due in October, The TouchFLO user interface makes it a fun phone to use for everything from organizing your life to personal entertainment. Almost makes you forget you’re running Windows Mobile.
Match Type:  Mobile Technophile

Stylish Sharp Aquos XS1 LCD TV

Sharp Aquos XS1 Sharp Aquos XS1


It's almost here; the very sleek and stylish new Sharp LCD TV. You can buy either a 52 or 65 inch model. It features RGB LED backlighting which makes for extreme contrast levels and should eliminate blurring as well. It's supposedly going to be available in the UK in October and then who knows when we'll see it in the U.S. In any case, you know it isn't going to be cheap.

Match Type: Early Adopter Videophile

Dash With Tellme

Dash Express GPS Dash Express GPS

Dash Navigation has teamed up with Microsoft subsidiary, Tellme to offer a very cool feature on the Dash Express GPS, or should we say PND (Personal Navigation Device). You sign up for the Tellme service, call an 800 number, and speak a business listing or category (i.e. burrito, Sunnyvale). The Tellme speech recognitions then interprets your request, looks up an address, and sends it to your Dash Express. The service is free to Dash users (who pay $10 a month for the Dash service).

Retrevo for Gadget News

Retrevo has manuals and reviews for all the most popular gear and gadgets like GPS, Digital Cameras, HDTV, and more.

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