So as we enter the holiday season, the natural question to ask is "what are people going to be buying"? Black Friday promotions didn't start with the same fanfare as last year with only Wal-Mart coming out with BF deals. BestBuy and other retailers decided to wait it out until the real BF. So what indicators do you use? Well, we used Retrevo Pulse to check out and here is the verdict:
  1. Where the bargains are likely to be: of course retailers can behave in strange ways in the last minute ditch-effort but Retrevo price index indicates that GPS and TV prices are continuing their downward slide. So expect some really good bargains this holiday season. In addition, Digital Cameras and Gaming Consoles which held high prices through most of the year finally started their downward slide in Oct. Wait for a couple of more weeks and you might find some really good bargains. Don't count on Digital Photo Frames and Home Theater Systems prices to come down. Of course keep checking the Retrevo price index to know when is a good time to buy!
  1. Where the consumer demand is: most people don't want to jump in too early to buy a new category of products (or else you might not be able to handle the early problems associated with first products). It is always good to know what people are most interested in (what kind of products are mature enough that lot of people are buying them). Retrevo demand index indicates that Digital Photo Frames and Home Theater Systems continue to be solid performers (in dollar demand terms). TV demand that started falling in September seems to be leveling off. Digital Cameras and GPS demand that had been falling since summer also seems to be leveling off. So historically low prices for TVs, Digital Cameras and GPS seem to be providing a demand floor which should be a sign of relief to manufacturers. Keep track of consumer sentiment with Retrevo Demand Index so you buy mature products this holiday season. Except you early adopters out there, there are plenty of new and shiny gadgets for you on Retrevo!
So if you want to buy a new and shiny gadget this holiday season, head out to the TV section. If looking for a gift, Digital Photo Frames are a safe bet (lot of people will be buying them). You might find good bargains in Digital Cameras and GPSespecially if prices continue their downward slide this holiday season. Make sure to look at Retrevo's Product Advisor for HDTV, Digital Photo Frames, Digital Cameras or GPS for best values and sentiment before you open your wallet though!


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